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Free School Crossword Puzzle with Picture Clues

This school crossword puzzle is great for kids of all ages! A fun and free school themed puzzle for both elementary and middle school students. Print out the version with the word bank for an easier puzzle solve. Or if your students are looking for more of a challenge exclude the word bank! Both puzzle versions are available to print in this PDF! Perfect crossword puzzle for 3rd or 4th grade students Although this printable crossword puzzle is versatile it is the most suitable for 3rd grade or 4th grade students!* These grades are when brain puzzles start to be more enjoyable and less confusing. Crossword puzzles help with word recognition and spelling as the student fills in the number of letters needed per word. Use this puzzle in small groups for a fun group activity. Or pass this school themed crossword puzzle out for a worksheet to do in between lessons. There are always a few early finishers that need an extra activity to fill the [...]

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