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easy picture clue crossword puzzles for kids

Celebrate someone’s special day and solve this fun and easy crossword puzzle for kids! The great thing about crossword puzzles is they are both fun and educational! Use your noggin’ and get cracking to solve this birthday crossword puzzle.

What makes this crossword puzzle unique?

This crossword game is very visual! Instead of words as clues, the crossword puzzle features fun kid-friendly pictures.

As kids recognize each item, they can practice newly acquired writing and spelling skills by filling in the puzzle. If the kids need a little bit of help, the word bank is there to guide them through the crossword puzzle.

But, not only is it more fun to guess each picture item, but the pictures make it possible for kids to do the puzzle without a parent or teacher’s help. Independent learning is just as important as team or guided learning!

Ways to use the birthday crossword puzzle:

This crossword puzzle for kids is versatile, let me count the ways!

1. Make it a classroom activity

Use it in the classroom to celebrate a student’s birthday, a teacher’s birthday or even the school’s birthday! That’s the thing about birthdays, everyone has one! Print it out and use it for a fun activity and as a game to practice spelling and writing skills.

What age is this for? I would say this is generally an easy crossword puzzle for kids to do and is perfect for ages kindergarten thru second grade.

2. Turn this puzzle into a birthday game

A crossword puzzle is a great birthday game that can be used in those empty moments when kids are waiting for snacks or when parents are preparing to cut the cake. Hand out this birthday puzzle along with a pen, pencil, marker or crayon. Ask the kids to fill out the crossword activity and whoever completes the puzzle first is the winner! Give the winner a small prize for their brain-buster abilities.

Here are some awesome toys, that are great as birthday party prizes:

3. Use the crossword puzzle at home

This birthday puzzle can also be used at home. Print it out for your brainy kid as a birthday activity. Maybe you’re looking to fill up some time while you wrap a present or finish baking the birthday cake. Little learners rarely ever say no to a themed activity, especially if it revolves around a birthday!

Whats the format?

So like most of our printables, this crossword puzzle is available in PDF format. It’s sized perfectly to print on a 8.5”x11” paper.

In our house we always have 8.5”x11” paper stocked. From the amount of drawing in coloring that happens, we go through it quickly!

Our crossword puzzle printable is available in both a colored and black & white version. Use the black & white version as both a coloring page and a crossword puzzle. Two activities in one!

  • If you just want to focus on the guessing game aspect of the puzzle print out the vibrant colored version.
  • If your kids or students are a big fan of coloring and you, as a parent or teacher, want this activity to take up a bit more time, print out the black & white version. Color the crossword puzzle items and then solve the puzzle.

To get the puzzle, all you need to do is join our email group! Just fill out the form toward the bottom of the page and you’ll instantly be emailed your birthday crossword puzzle!


Need help with party favors for your kids birthday party? Squishies and slime are super popular these days. Here are some of my recommendations:

Below is what is included in your birthday crossword puzzle for kids download (see the bottom of the page for actual download instructions):

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