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trucks and tractors free birthday banner

I‘ve been getting some requests to make more boy themed birthday banners. I didn’t really realize, until I looked, that I didn’t have many boy themed party banners…at all! So I hopped on that one right away and decided to put together a trucks & tractors theme birthday banner. Every little boy I know, including mine, loves cars, trucks and tractors. Really anything that looks cool and moves fast. It’s one of the first toys my son got into as well. So here, ya go!

All about the trucks & tractor birthday boy banner:

The banner features various different trucks and tractors that almost look like they are driving around the banner. Everything from a freight truck to construction equipment to a farming tractor. I also chose a bold and almost messy-looking font for the lettering. I choose this font because it’s a strong, sturdy looking font but at the same time has a boyish look to it.

The banner is available in letters A-Z and numbers 0-9. It also comes with a blank template, a period, comma, apostrophe, an exclamation point, a question park, an at sign, a hashtag sign and a dash. Plus…bonus….it comes with two symbols: a construction cone and a “under construction” sign.

Need a suggestion? Even at only 18 months old my son would constantly say “vroom vroom!” when pushing around his toy trucks.

free happy birthday banner for boy

Format: This free Trucks & Tractors birthday banner comes in individual PDFs so you can pick or choose which letters you want. We also have this available in a PDF that includes every letter, number, punctuation we have available.

This banner prints out perfectly on 8.5″x11″ standard size letter paper. This size and format makes it easy to print on any printer!

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Trucks & Tractors Banner
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happy birthday banner printable free boy

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