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unicorn printable coloring pages mrs. merry

Are your kids looking to color a unicorn? Unicorns are a kid-favorite these days. I must have attended 4 or 5 unicorn themed birthday parties in the past 2 years. I understand the allure – unicorns are beautiful, majestic and simply breathtaking. Use our 10 free unicorn coloring page printables for some magical fun.

We have unicorn coloring pages for little kids and the big kids. Express your creativity and start coloring a magical spiral horn (or two)!

Simple unicorns for preschoolers & detailed unicorns for older kids

These unicorn coloring pages are pretty versatile. The unicorn printables work for kids of all ages. Some of them consist of less detailed designs with simple unicorn outlines, that are perfect for the younger kiddos. And others are more detailed designs (that may take a little longer to color), and work perfectly for older kids.

So, yes, we have unicorn coloring pages for little kids and the big kids. Thats the cool thing about unicorns, everyone loves them!

Grab a unicorn coloring page printable and get coloring!

Let me count the ways you can color a unicorn:

Need some suggestions how how to color your unicorn?

1. Color a little baby unicorn

Unicorns are cool magical creatures but baby unicorns are something else all together. The adorable factor of these little ones are through the roof!

2. Make a rainbow mane and make a beautiful unicorn

Coloring a unicorn’s mane is a fun way to learn color recognition. Unicorns can consist of a few basic colors, but some unicorns are known to have rainbow mane’s. I like to sit with my children and go over the colors of the rainbow by coloring each section of the mane with a color from the rainbow color scheme.

3. Color a funny unicorn

What kid doesn’t like to laugh! We have a funny unicorn coloring page that consists of a unicorn sitting down about to devour a cupcake. My kids love this one because a) a unicorn sitting is hilarious and b) kids understand the need and desire for a delicious cupcake!

4. Color a classic unicorn coloring page

Classic unicorns are so cool. These are the ones I grew up loving. I always think of The Last Unicorn movie when I think of unicorns. The unicorn in that movie wasn’t a bubbly, colorful unicorn, but a powerful and magical unicorn.

5. Color a unicorn with wings (think Pegasus)

Some unicorns have wings, some do not! Anytime I hear or see a unicorn with wings, I think of Pegasus, who in greek mythology is a flying horse (a horse with wings). But if a horse has wings plus has a single spiral horn…ta da!… it’s a flying unicorn! Step into this unicorn fantasy land with one of the unicorn coloring pages.

Use these printable pages as party decorations

Store bought decorations can be wicked expensive! I’ve used coloring pages so many times as party decorations. It’s an inexpensive way to decorate for a birthday party. I love to laminate coloring pages, cut them out and hang them from the ceiling. Not only is it unique but it personalizes the decorations.

For example, my son loves dinosaurs! For his birthday my daughter printed out the dinosaur from my Build a Dinosaur activity, colored it and taped it to the wall. My son loved that his sister colored him his very own dinosaur for his birthday!

how to make a dinosaur - build a t-rex

Whats included in your free unicorn coloring pages?

There are 10 free unicorn coloring pages! So, when your children or students request a unicorn coloring page printable, then fear no longer. No need to scan the internet finding those perfect unicorns. I have 10 high resolution PDF unicorn coloring pages for you, free.

Let’s go through the unicorn printables that you get for free!

As a side note: The images in the list below are small low-resolution files that will not look good if printed. To get the full high-resolution (pixel perfect!) version of these unicorns, subscribe to my email list by filling out the form on the bottom of the page and receive the unicorns instantly!

An elegant unicorn and a baby unicorn (so cute):

magical unicorn coloring pages printablefree baby unicorn coloring pages mrs. merry

A classic unicorn and a magical one:

classic unicorn coloring sheetsunicorn pictures to color

A star and moon unicorn:

unicorn coloring pages free printables unicorn pictures to print mrs. merry

A musical unicorn and a dream big unicorn:

musical printable unicorn pictures dream big unicorn printables coloring

And lastly, a jumping unicorn and a funny unicorn eating a cupcake!

unicorn pictures to color mrs. merry funny unicorn coloring pages printables

Crafting supplies to color the cute unicorn coloring pages

The thing about coloring pages is you don’t need many supplies! So it doesn’t have to be messy (unless you don’t care about that, and in the case grab the paint!). But grab the coloring tool of your choice.

Supply Suggestions:

Get your unicorn coloring sheets

Coloring is awesome for so many reasons. Not only is it a good way to relax but it teaches color recognition and promotes fine motor skills. At home we like to keep a stack of coloring pages ready to color so any time my kids are feeling extra feels they color it away.

How to get your free printable unicorn coloring pages download?

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Download the free printable Unicorn Coloring Pages

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Get the Unicorn Coloring Pages

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