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caterpillar template printable mrs. merry

Make a caterpillar with our caterpillar template. This caterpillar printable is a simple and fun caterpillar craft to use while learning all about this amazing insect.

Ways to use the Caterpillar template

There are so many ways you can use this caterpillar template! It’s an easy craft that can be used for toddlers, kindergarteners and even first grade students.

Use the caterpillar template as a  classroom resource

Use this caterpillar template in the classroom to assist in learning about the fabulous butterfly life cycle.

butterfly life cycle activities for kids bundle

Learn all about the caterpillar to butterfly cycle and use our fun crafts to make this topic even more interesting

Check out our Butterfly template to use to make your own butterfly.

caterpillar to butterfly life cycle mrs. merry

Also our Foldable Butterfly is an easy way to teach the 5 stages of the life cycle. Fold to make a butterfly, unfold to reveal the life cycle!

Use the caterpillar craft for party decorations

Having a birthday party? Use our rainbow colored caterpillar as free party decorations. Simply print out the colored caterpillar printable, cut it out and hang on the wall or as party of a birthday banner.

Use as a party or church craft to celebrate Spring

Print out a bunch of the caterpillar templates and have them as a kids craft to do when celebrating a birthday or at church as a Spring cut and paste activity. Celebrate Spring and these amazing insects with our free caterpillar templates!

How to use the Caterpillar template

Follow this easy tutorial for directions on how to create this caterpillar craft. First, lets go over the craft supply list for this caterpillar printable:

  • You will need the caterpillar template! Simply subscribe to at the end of this page to get emailed the printable instantly. Simple use your home printer to print! Or jump on over to the library to print.
  • White paper to print (it can be plain letter size paper). But, if you’re looking to make the caterpillar craft a bit more sturdy print on a heavier card stock paper.
  • Crayons, markers, colored pencils or paint sticks!
  • Scissors to cut out the caterpillar (I recommend rounded tip scissors for kiddos).
  • Glue, glue stick or scotch tape if you don’t want to get the glue out.

Step 1 – Color the caterpillar template

If you’re using the black & white caterpillar template the first step is to color the caterpillar with the kiddos’ favorite colors. If you’re using the colored caterpillar template skip to step 2.

color caterpillar craft printable

Step 2 – Cut out the paper caterpillar craft

Cut out the caterpillar with those rounded tip scissors! Cut the head, body pieces and antennae!

I created the caterpillar template to be easier on the hands in terms of cutting it out.  I decided to pull in the caterpillar’s feet into the body so they would live within the body and the kids or students wouldn’t need to cut around the feet.

Sometimes I don’t realize how difficult cutting out a printable craft is until I do it myself! So, I really wanted to make this craft a simple one for kids of all ages.

cut out caterpillar template with scissors

Step 3 – Glue the paper caterpillar craft together

Lastly, glue or paste the cute little caterpillar together! Use the picture of the caterpillar as a reference for direction on which piece of the caterpillar goes where. You can also use pins to attach each piece and make it a movable caterpillar!

paste caterpillar craft together

Thats it! If you want to give the caterpillar backing (something to glue it to), grab a piece of green construction paper, glue the caterpillar on the paper and cut the construction paper in a shape of a leaf.

leaf for caterpillar craft

Get the caterpillar craft template

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Some of my favorite caterpillar books

There are tons and tons of caterpillar books out there, but here are a few of my favorites.

1. Very Hungry Caterpillar book

A true classic! I remember reading this when I was a kid and the illustrations and concept of the book still wows me today. How the caterpillar eats through those apples, oranges, and mountains of food! Grab the Very Hunger Caterpillar!

2. The Very Impatient Caterpillar book

I just love this book! My kids love it. I never heard of it until my daughter came home raving about how funny it is. Silly AND educational is a big thumbs up in my house.

Check out the The Little Butterfly That Could, if you dig this one!

3. The Book of Caterpillars: A Life Size Guide

My kids love to look at real pictures of animals, insects and aquatic life. It helps bring the topic to life. I simply adore this book due to the details crystal clear photos. And the best part? They photos of these caterpillars are life size!

Learn about insects Life Cycles

We have 2 printables that speak directly to life cycles and one of them being the Butterfly life cycle.

Butterfly Life Cycle printable

Our Butterfly Life Cycle Bundle speaks to the amazing metamorphosis that happens when the caterpillar changes to a butterfly. Learn with these various worksheets and activities all about how and when the caterpillar changes.

foldable butterfly life cycle printable

Frog Life Cycle printable

Our Frog Life Cycle worksheet visually walks you through the life cycle of a frog. From egg to adult frog. Learn about the 5 stages.

life cycle of a frog educational printable

Whats included in the caterpillar template printable?

There are 4 pages included in this caterpillar printable pdf. The pages are high resolution (300 dpi) and formatted to print perfectly on letter-size paper.

1. Full (rainbow) color version of the caterpillar

This caterpillar template is already colored in! Just cut out the caterpillar pieces and connect by gluing the pieces together. Use the picture of the caterpillar already assembled as order reference!

very hungry caterpillar craft printable

2. Black & white caterpillar template printable

Grab your crayons or markers and color the caterpillar in your favorite colors! The cut and create your perfect caterpillar!

caterpillar template for kids

3. Caterpillar coloring sheet

Are you looking for just a caterpillar coloring page? Well, today is your luck day! A caterpillar coloring page is included in this free pdf download.

caterpillar coloring page

4. Caterpillar party decoration

This rainbow caterpillar is already colored in with beautiful gradients! Just print, color and cut out to use as party decoration. Hang on the wall or use as a party banner.

caterpillar template party decorations

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caterpillar template printable

Download your caterpillar template

This is the part you are probably looking for! To print your free caterpillar templates, simply click the button below and start to color, cut & create!

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