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you've been booed printables free

Have you been booed? What is this new Halloween tradition all about? We have 4 You’ve Been Booed printables that can be used to show a neighbor, friend or family member some Halloween fun and to let them know that you’re thinking about them. 

A great way to show that you care and that you’re glad to have them in your life during times when you might not see a whole lot of each other.

How does the You’ve Been Booed game work?

  1. Print one of the You’ve Been Booed printables (each design comes with 2 sheets)
    1. The Boo letter with instructions
    2. The “We’ve Been Booed” sign
  2. Gather up some treats. They can be Halloween treats (candy, snacks, or baked goods), or a cup of pumpkin spice coffee or a bottle of wine. The You’ve Been Booed game does not have to be strictly child focused; it can also act as a fun adult Halloween game! Check out our You’ve Been Boozed printable.
  3. Pick a neighbor, friend or family member to deliver the treats to. Try to make sure they are not at home so you can drop off the treats in secret. Make sure you include the Boo letter and “We’ve Been Booed” sign. Don’t get caught when doing the drop off! The idea is for them to be surprised and wonder who their gifter is!
  4. Your recipient will find their treats and undoubtedly smile. The printed Boo letter will explain to them to tape the “We’ve Been Booed” sign on their front door or window to signal to other neighbors and friends that they have been Booed! Now they become the gifter. So if they get to the person’s house and see this sign is posted, they will know that they’ve already been booed and to move on to another family member or friend.
  5. And the cycle continues! Print two copies of the Boo letter and two copies of the “We’ve Been Booed” sign. Choose two neighbors (or friends) who have not already been Booed and make a Boo Bag for them this Halloween! 
  6. Show someone you’re thinking of them and Boo them today with our 4 free You’ve Been Booed printables!

Ideas for how to use the You’ve Been Booed Printable:

Show a friend that you care with our You’ve Been Booed sign:

Turn that frown upside down by booing someone! Do you have a friend or family member that is feeling under the weather or are they going through a rough time? Gift them a You’ve Been Booed Boo Bag to brighten their day.

Nothing says you care more than a surprise delivery at your door!

Welcome a new neighbor to the neighborhood

Did someone just move into your neighborhood? Say boo and welcome the new neighbor with our You’ve Been Booed printables!

Are you not sure who moved in? Play it safe and make (or buy) some cupcakes! I’m old school and still think baked goods are the way to go when welcoming someone to the neighborhood. A Boo Bag of baked goods is a great gift and a warm (and spirited) welcome to the neighborhood!

Boo a teacher with the Been Booed printables!

Do you want to wish your child’s teacher a Happy Halloween? Catch the “boo bug” and let your child Boo a teacher. Have them leave the Boo Bag on their teacher’s desk. The teacher will love the heart-warming Halloween gift!

All about the You’ve Been Booed printables:

Our free You’ve Been Booed Printables come in 4 different designs. All print out perfectly on 8.5”x11” paper.

1. Ghost with Candy

This is a great “You’ve been Booed” message for a household with children. This friendly ghost sends a fun and festive message.

2. Vintage Halloween Boo 

This Boo’d printable has more of a vintage look to it. Vintage and Halloween go together. Both being a little bit aged and spooky. Random fun fact, did you know that Halloween has been celebrated for over 2,000 years? Print this You’ve Been Boo’d printable if you’re looking for an older style message.

3. Ghost Cut-Out 

Cut out this ghost and put it in your Boo Bag as some added Halloween decor, or tape it to the special treat you’re gifting. This is a simple cut-out shape to tell someone that they have been Booed!

4. You’ve Been Boozed

This printable is for the adults! Send a friend a “You’ve Been Boozed” package as a Happy Halloween message. Grab a bottle of your favorite wine or hard seltzers and wish your fellow friend or parent a Happy Fall! I have found the “You’ve Been Boozed” tradition has been just as fun as Secret Santa!

Things you need for the free You’ve Been Booed game:

  • 4 printed items – 2 Boo letters with instructions and 2 “We’ve Been Booed” signs
  • A few treats (make them Halloween-themed for a bit more spirited fun)
  • A bag, basket, or any type of carrier to place the treats in.

Enjoy booing the neighborhood with our You’ve Been Booed and You’ve Been Boozed printables!

Need some ideas on what to put in your Boo Bags?

You can really use any type of treat, but I always think it adds some fun to make it Halloween themed. I like to include something they can eat, something they can play with, and something they can use. Fill your Boo Bag with some ghoulishly exciting treats!

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halloween you have been booed sign printable

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More Mrs. Merry Halloween Printables:

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