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free homeschool activities - covid 19 time capsule

In these difficult times we are living in I’ve been thinking a lot about how this will affect our children. Will life as we know it change from this point on? Will they remember how times were before Covid-19? Or will they even remember this time, at all? Whether they are in lockdown/isolation or actual quarantine…will they remember any of it? If they are little, probably not a whole lot. If they are older, they’ll probably remember it solely based on a few huge memories.

Once schools closed and we all started social distancing, it only took a few days before my 3 little kids stopped asking to go to the store, or to a play place. They stopped asking to go to friend’s houses. It constantly amazes me how adaptable children are. How once something “is”, it simply is.

When I was in 1st grade…I was only 6 years old and I remember that year solely because I peed my pants in music class. I remember my friend Amy who sat next to me, I remember the size of the room and how the instruments were lined up in the front of the classroom. I remember that day, that experience, solely because of that one huge thing that happened to ME. Not the people around me…but me.

So, I wanted to make something that my kids could create or log to help them remember this significant time in their lives. Sure we want to protect our children from the dark in the world, but I think it’s also my responsibility as a parent to help them understand and remember something that the world has never experienced before. Whether we want the world to change or not, the world will change after this is over. It already is changing and our kids are a part of that.

All about the free Covid-19 Time Capsule Activity:

So, first of all, yes the Covid-19 Time Capsule kids activity is 100% free. I started this project initially for something for my kids to do during quarantine and for me to pack away in their memory boxes for them to read and remember when they’re older. After really thinking about it though, it dawned on me that I should make it bigger than that. That’s when I decided to make this a free resource for other families living through the same difficult times.

Since this pandemic began, my family has been looking for a way to contribute to others. To help people. Everybody in the world has been impacted in some way by Covid-19, and my family is no exception. It is important to me that my family remains positive and we try to teach our children to always look for something good in whatever life brings us. More quality time together, for example. Although difficult in some new ways, there is something to be said about all this time we are given together. Normally we are all running around barely having any time with each other. Now I’m actually SEEING my 20 month old progress from one stage to another.

So in a nutshell, I thought maybe this activity could be something….something to help document what families are going through. If not that, maybe it will help you and your families at least pass the time during these extra long days. So, here are some things to do in quarantine for kids:

Whats in the pages:

So, let me break down the pages for you. This activity can be done all together or maybe one or two pages only appeal to you. Do as you wish! Here are some details for all 9 pages.

  1. Covid-19 Time Capsule – This is the “cover sheet.” It includes the title and a picture of the Covid-19 virus. It includes a place for your child’s name, age, the current date and how many days they have spent inside thus far.
  2. Interview – This page consists of 6 questions for your child to answer in their own words. Remember to let them answer with their own minds. I think you’ll be surprised what sticks out and what may not. The questions are:
    1. What does Covid-19 mean to you?
    2. What has been the biggest change for you?
    3. How do you feel about being homeschooled?
    4. Who are you social distancing with?
    5. What do you miss?
    6. What will you remember about this time?
  3. Being Thankful – Although these have been extremely difficult times, especially to those experiencing the virus first hand, there are still and always things to be thankful for. On this page it asks your child to list or draw 3 things they are specifically grateful for.
  4. How I’m Feeling – This page asks your child to draw a picture of how they’re currently feeling. Happy, sad, angry? Let your kids go with it on this one. You may find that your child is feeling something completely different than what you think he/she is.
  5. Special Days – Have there been holidays, birthdays, or any other kind of special day that you have celebrated at home during these times? If so, have your child share those special days in words or with pictures, how they celebrated these special days and how they were different than the norm.
  6. Dear Future Me – This page is a “fill-in-the-blank” type letter. It features a letter to your child’s future self which includes some of their favorite things, experiences, and it also includes advice to their future selves.
  7. When the World Stayed Apart, We Stayed In Together – Have your child draw a picture of the people they are social distancing with. Draw your house, people and pets. Mark it as a memory in time.
  8. List of Time Capsule – If you decide to create a time capsule with your child, list the items you’ll be including in the time capsule. These items should serve as memories from this period of time. Items to include could be artwork, newspaper or magazine clippings, printed pictures, some of your child’s favorite things or any homeschool items. These will definitely be fun to look at in a few years!
  9. Thank You – This last page is simply a thank you to all the nurses, doctors, scientists, and essential workers for their continued support though out this unprecedented time. Have your child color in the pictures of these essential workers. Keep this as part of your time capsule, or color it and send it in the mail to someone you may know working through this time.

With that folks, enjoy this free kids activity! We hope you are doing well in these tough times and hope that this somehow helps document this time period in your lives. Or simply just gives you some ideas of things to do in quarantine for kids. Best wishes!

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free covid 19 time capsule activity for kids

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