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letter from elf on the shelf free printable

Celebrate your elf’s arrival with our free Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter. Our Arrival Letter can be personalized to include your child’s name in addition to your elf’s name. You can also adjust the wording to align more personally with your family. Add any details you wish!

It is easy to personalize our free printable letters to your liking!

If you don’t want to personalize your own, we created a version that works for every child and elf. Print out your Elf Arrival Letter and start this fun Christmas tradition!

When should you schedule your elf’s arrival?

Our elf usually arrives on December 1st. But in previous years, he returned in the month of November (usually the weekend after Thanksgiving). This was always after our kids wrote him a letter asking him to come earlier.

We have only one elf in our family, but we have friends and family members that have more than one, which equates to a lot more parental involvement and imagination when setting up their nightly mischief! But, as we always say, the more the merrier – and we have been toying with the idea of adding another elf to our family!

But when your elf arrives should be based on how much time you have to give toward it. (Most parents will probably tell you that they woke up in the middle of the night in a panic because they had forgotten to hide their elf. Eek!)

When does your elf leave to go back to the North Pole?

Our elf usually flies back to the North Pole every night to report to Santa whether our kids have been bad or good but he tends to leave for the season on Christmas Eve. We tell our children he hops onto Santa’s sleigh and returns with him to the North Pole that night.

However, for the last few years our children have written their elf a letter requesting he stay a few more days so he can see them open their presents and play with their new toys. We think it’s adorable, so we go with it! We usually have him hanging out in the Christmas tree so he can watch our children open up their gifts and we can all spend Christmas morning together.

Make your elf part of your Christmas traditions with our template

You know I love the holidays, and I’m all about traditions. Traditions are what people remember. They are what tie people, families, and memories together. So, the more traditions the merrier! Use this fun Elf on the Shelf as a Christmas tradition for your family and start building more extra fun memories for the kids.

If you don’t already have one, or if you’re looking for a nice and special gift for a child this Christmas, consider gifting an Elf on the Shelf. It comes with book that explains the Elf on the Shelf and the kids love reading it. Another family tradition of ours is reading the book together as a family the night our elf arrives. (He usually arrives by crashing into our Christmas tree and the book is on the ground. Our kids always get a kick out of that. Likewise, when he leaves on Christmas Eve, our elf takes the book with him, so we read the story together as a family again on Christmas Eve when we all say goodbye to our elf.)

You can even get some clothes for your elf! The kids crack up when they wake up on a given morning and their elf is taking a bath in his Hawaiian swimming trunks. Tip: The Elf on the Shelf can fit into Ken doll clothes.

Make your own elf arrival and departure traditions and watch your childrens’ eyes fill up with the magic of Christmas year after year.

Use your elf’s return to promote good behavior

Playing the Elf on the Shelf game is a fun way to get your children to listen a little bit better during the Christmas month (and beyond).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “Your elf is watching.” It works! My kids can’t have Santa knowing they misbehaved!

Also, my kids love watching the Elf on the Shelf movie, it’s a family fun movie that teaches the whole story of the Elf on the Shelf and how he works with Santa throughout the holiday season.

Have your elf bring a small gift, like candy canes

We have some friends and family that, upon their elf’s arrival their elf brings a small gift for the children as a reminder that Christmas is coming. This could be as small as a candy cane! No need to go all out. We don’t go overboard, because it only makes Christmas Day that much more special and exciting.

How to use the free editable Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter

Use the Elf Welcome Letter to get your kids excited for the holiday season! Are you really into the Elf on the Shelf? Do you get super creative with where you place yours? Whatever you do, let the magic shine this season with our free Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter!

To edit and personalize this easy elf letter follow the below steps:

1. You will receive an Instructions to Edit your Elf Letter PDF. In the PDF is a link to a Google Drawing file. Click on the link to begin editing.

2. You’ll come to a “Copy document” page.* Click the “Make a copy” button. This allows you to personalize your item. *To personalize, you will need to be signed into your gmail account.

copy document elf letter printable

3. You’ll be brought to your printable in Google Drawing. Now it’s time to personalize! In the Elf Arrival Letter, you can edit the name and the words in the body of the letter. To edit, double click the word(s) you want to edit, or simply place your cursor in the area you want to edit.

Personalize the letter so it’s relevant to your child and elf. Add details about past elf mischief or simply update the names. Get as creative as you wish!

edit elf return letter

4. Once you’re finished editing:

  1. Click “File”
  2. Click “Download”
  3. Click “PDF Document”
  4. Your item is now ready to print.

Feel free to edit and create as many letters or envelopes as you wish by following these steps.

If you have any questions contact us at [email protected]

Looking for an Elf on the Shelf Goodbye Letter Printable?

We’ll have one in time for your Elf to say goodbye for the season. Check back for the Elf Goodbye Letter!

Format: Pages are 8.5″x11″. What that means is they will print perfectly on a letter size piece of paper. The printables are meant to be printed vertically.

The file downloaded is a PDF file and all PDFs are in 300 resolution (no grainy pixels here!)

What’s included in the free Elf Arrival Letter download?

There are 3 pages includes in the Elf Letter printable download.

1. Elf Arrival Letter Instructions:

This first page consists of instructions on how to edit your Elf Arrival Letter. It’s easy and you’ll love adding some personalization to this printable! The instructions page includes a link that will take you to the Google Drawing page that will allow you to edit the Elf Letter printable. Change the child’s name to your child’s name. Adjust the body of the letter to include personalized info about your child. Lastly, update the elf’s name with your elf’s name.

The Google Drawing page below is what it will look like. To edit, simply click into the words and adjust the names or words as needed.

2. Generic Elf Letter

Still want the Elf Letter but don’t feel like editing or personalizing? Print out the generic Letter from Elf printable. Instead of using your child’s name, the letter simply says “Hi!” as a greeting. And instead of using your Elf’s actual name in the printable, the generic printable reads “Love, Your Elf.”

generic elf on the shelf letter from kids

3. Blank Elf Arrival Letter Printable:

This last page doesn’t contain any words. It’s a blank page consisting of the Elf Letter background. This is a great page to use if you want to handwrite your Elf letter. Tip: If handwriting your letter, write your letter with your non-dominant hand so your children don’t recognize the handwriting!

Prepare a Letter from Santa Claus

We have more Christmas themed printable letters! We also have a Mail from Santa Bundle which includes:

  • Letter From Santa
  • Nice Certificate
  • Envelope from Santa.

Personalize them all to include your children’s names and wish list for Christmas.

Mail from Santa Claus, letter, certificate, envelope

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Give the Elf on the Shelf

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Download the Elf Arrival Letter

Grab the Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter and start a fun family Christmas tradition.

Get the Elf Arrival Letter

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