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free printable heart valentine

Color and fold this surprise heart printable! A fun folding surprise craft that can be used as a Valentine, birthday or even a Mother’s Day gift. Fill in your own message and get creative with this printable card.

There are so many ways this heart printable can be used!

Use the heart printable as a Valentine’s Day card

I initially designed this to be Valentine’s Day centered. I designed it to feel and behave like a Valentine. The free printable Valentine card includes a to: and a love: area. In addition, when you open it, it displays a cute Valentine’s message inside.

The heart printable also comes blank so you can give it to someone for another occasion, aside from Valentine’s Day.

Whether you give this printable card as a Valentine or not, the surprise portion of this printable is the best part! It turns from one single heart balloon into a cluster of balloons when opened. A balloon surprise that wishes nothing but love for the gifted loved one.

heart printable valentine mrs. merry

Available with blank balloon heart templates

This heart printable is available with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” message but it also includes a version with blank balloon hearts. This allows your kids or students to write their own personal messages inside.

Or maybe you want to send some love notes to your children or spouse?

Write your own love message in the blank balloons and send away! This heart printable is versatile and unique. Any person gifted this heart printable will smile upon opening it, for sure!

Use as a card for any occasion

Like I mentioned, this printable isn’t exclusively a Valentine’s printable. It can be used for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or even an “I’m thinking of you” card. Fill out the blank hearts and share how you feel for someone!

Use the heart printable as a coloring page or craft

The heart printable comes in both a color version and a black and white version. Get creative and color those large, medium hearts and mini hearts.

You can also get super crafty and make your own crafts for Valentine’s Day.

1. After you’ve colored in your Valentine, grab a pair of scissors and make some heart cutouts!

2.  Cut along the hearts and dog.

3. Then using hole punchers, punch a hole in the top of the Valentine.

4. Laminate, if you choose to do so.

5. Take some twine and tie a loop through the hole so you can hang this craft and use as Valentine’s home decor.

black and white heart printable

What materials do you need for the heart printable?

You don’t need many supplies for this fun and easy heart printable! Let your creativity shine and simply grab some coloring tools.

Suggested materials:

Grab anything you feel like coloring with:

How do you fold the heart printable?

Super easy! You only have to fold in 3 places to get your folding surprise heart card. It’s even easy enough for younger children. Simple enough for the little kids, but works for kids of all ages. The surprise factor of the heart printable is what allures kids to this easy printable.

There are 3 light gray horizontal dotted lines on the printable. Use these lines as guidance on where to fold.

1. Print out the blank or color version of the heart printable.

valentines free printable heart

2. Fold the paper in half bringing the top edge down to the bottom edge (if you chose to download the dotted line version, use the lines as a guide on where to fold).

how to fold printable heart

3. Take the bottom edge of the top layer and fold it up to the top layer.

mrs. merry printable heart valentine

4. Turn the paper over, and fold the bottom up to the top (this concludes the folding) and you now have 3 creased folds.

fold back on heart printable

5. Your end result should consist of a closed heart balloon, and once the paper is opened, a cluster of heart balloons is displayed.

free folding heart valentine

What’s included in the free heart printable?

  • The heart printables are in high resolution – 300 PPI and prints perfectly on 8.5”x11” letter-size paper
  • Our heart printable acts as both a fun surprise paper toy and a free printable heart coloring page.

Includes 4 versions:

1. Colored Heart Printable with Valentine’s Day message

wishing you a bunch of love card

2. Colored Heart Printable with blank balloons (write your own message)

colored heart printable blank banner

3. Black & White Heart printable with Valentine’s Day message

black and white folding heart printable with dashes

4. Black & White Heart Printable with blank balloons (write your own message)

heart printable without labels blank

I also included these printables in a version that doesn’t include the dotted lines.*

*The dotted lines indicate where to fold and may be easier for younger children.

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Download the Folding Surprise Heart

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Get the Folding Surprise Printable

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