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free new years resolutions worksheets for kids

Resolution making is not just for the grown-ups. Teach your children or students how to make goals and the steps that need to be done to obtain those goals. Use our New Year’s Resolutions Worksheets and help kiddos learn the importance of planning and organization in a fun holiday-themed way.

Ideas to use the New Year’s Resolution Worksheet:

Use this worksheet on New year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to help prepare your children for the upcoming year and what it means to make a resolution. Or use this New Year’s printable when you go back to school as a fun way to transition back into school from winter break.

Teach your children all about goal setting

Goal setting is an important life lesson. It helps kids learn how to divide and conquer and plan for things one may wish for.

Start out by asking children questions about the past year. Ask the children what they did, what they learned and how they have changed in the past year. These questions will help them answer what they wish to experience in the new year.

Maybe your students resolutions include learning a new instrument, like the guitar. Or, making a new friends or even learning a new language. Help children organize their plans for the new year in a fun way.

Use in the classroom as part of a New Year’s activity

Are you looking for a laid back New Year’s activity for your students to come back to after winter break? Our New Year’s Resolutions Worksheet is a fun way to teach your students all about the importance of planning and making your goals a reality.

Begin the start of a new year with our New Year’s resolution worksheet and talk about reflections and last year challenges. Make a fresh start and organize new year goals.

What’s included in the free New Year’s Resolution Worksheets download?

The printable contains 2 worksheets.

  1. My New Year’s Resolutions Worksheet consists of boxes that ask questions around what your child or student wants to achieve in the new year.

The boxes in the worksheet ask the below:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Year
  • I want to try
  • I want to learn
  • I want to go
  • I really want to
  • I will try to be healthier by

my new year's resolutions for school worksheets

These questions get your children thinking about what they want to experience or fulfill next year. Whether it be a new skill like riding a bike or going to the beach over the summer, any resolution can be celebrated!

2)  This Year, I Want to Worksheet consists of a Happy New Year message including text on the bottom that reads “This year, I want to”. In addition, this worksheet includes a larger circle where your child or student can write out a list of resolutions (or goals).

this year new year's goals worksheet printable

Both New Years worksheets are designed in a way they both can be used as New Years coloring sheets. Finished listing out your resolutions? Color the worksheets for some added New Years fun.

Enjoy your New Year celebrations with our New Year’s Resolutions Worksheets

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Download the New Year's Resolutions Worksheets

Grab these New Year's Resolutions Worksheets and get ready and organzied for the new year! A great classroom activity.

Get the New Year's Resolutions Worksheets

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