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gratitude tree printable worksheets

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or you want to celebrate National Gratitude Month (November), any day is the right day to celebrate gratitude.

We have a couple different Thankful Tree Printables, including an I Am Thankful Worksheet in store for you. List out what you’re thankful for and show appreciation. These popular exercises will give us a peek into the daily lives of our children and students and what they are thankful and grateful for.

Free I Am Thankful Worksheet

This is thankful activity we are giving away to promote gratitude and appreciation. A perfect Thanksgiving Day worksheet to learn what it means to give and receive. The perfect activity for this time of the year – use this Thankful Worksheet for classroom use or as an at-home project. Have your children or students share what they are thankful for and learning the meaning of Thanksgiving.

i am thankful for free printable

The sections on the worksheet that are to be filled out include:

  • I am thankful for…
  • I am thankful because I can…
  • I am thankful because I have…
  • I am thankful because I am…

This simple worksheet is a great thanksgiving activity for preschool, kindergarten and first grade students to express the wonderful things and people in their life.

Have your students take some time filling in what they are thankful for and then discuss as a class for some thought provoking conversation. A perfect activity for your little elementary learners!

Want to show appreciation?

Print out a copy and have your child fill in out for a specific person. Has Grandma lent a helping hand recently? Dedicate the entire Thankful Worksheet to her. Why are you thankful for Grandma? Are you thankful for her because you can play with her, because you have the best days with her, because you are happy when she is around? Let her know!

An excellent activity for Grandchildren to fill for their Grandparents.

You can either fill out and list multiple items you are thankful for, or be specific and write about one topic.

Teachers! Use as a free educational worksheets in the month of November to celebrate Thanksgiving. Use it in class or as a homework assignment.

To Download this free printable, go to the bottom and fill out the form to get it emailed to you instantly.

Thankful Tree Printables

Now on to our Thankful Trees! I love this time of year. Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to celebrate right before Christmas. A holiday specifically to show appreciate, gratitude and thankfulness. Sometimes children don’t know how to behave or respond to something unless you put it right in front of their face. That’s why Thanksgiving is so great. It is a perfect day to learn how and why to be thankful. Even though historically there are some gaps and misinformation in the holiday, it is still a great holiday that represents giving and thanks.

2 Thankful Tree Thanksgiving Printables

We have 2 different versions of a Thankful Tree:

1. Thankful Tree Worksheet

thankful tree fill the leaves with things you're thankful for

Our first is more of a worksheet style activity. No cutting and pasting. I wanted to do a craft that is one piece of paper, without including the mess that comes with scissors and glue. Don’t get me wrong I love cut and paste activities but sometimes you may need or want a simpler activity. One that requires very little materials.

With this activity, being a coloring worksheet, all you really need are crayons, colored pencils or markers.

Our Thankful Tree Worksheet is 1-page and features a sturdy tree with multiple branches holding up various different kinds of leaves. Color the tree with your favorite colors and then fill in each leaf with something you’re thankful for. It could be a person, an item or even something you are thankful you are able to do (example: I am thankful for my sister. I am thankful I am can take gymnastics classes).

If the children are too young to tackle on their own break the classroom up into small groups and make one tree for each small team.

Once your children or students are done with this activity hang them on the fridge or around the classroom. Cut it out to make it more of a thanksgiving decor item. Hang it on the classroom bulletin board to share your grateful hearts!

A great activity for kids of all ages, even the older kids!

To get this Thankful Tree Worksheet visit Mrs. Merry’s shop. Only $1.50 or buy the bundle Thankful Tree activities for $3.00

Thankful Tree Printable

2. Thankful Tree Cut and Paste Activity

gratitude tree printable cut & paste

This next Thankful tree craft is a fun cut and paste activity for kids! It’s a 2 page craft consisting of the tree trunk and 10 leaves to color, cut and put the tree together.

How do you use the Thankful Tree Craft?

The instructions are simple:

  • Color the tree and leaves.
  • Write the items you’re thankful for on each leave.
  • Write your name on the tree trunk. A great idea when used as a classroom activity.
  • Practice your fine motor skills and cut out the tree trunk and leaves.
  • Use a glue stick and paste the leaves on the tree branches.

To make the tree sturdier, feel free to paste on another sheet of paper or even a poster board.

thankful tree printable put together colored

Want to make this craft last? Laminate the Thankful Tree Printable

Color the tree and leaves and then laminate both sheets of this activity (before cutting out). Use a dry erase marker (expo marker) to write the things you are thankful for. This is a great idea if you want to use the same tree for multiple people or if you want to make the activity last.

I don’t use anything fancy, just a simple and easy laminator. This is the laminator I use and recommend, you literally just turn it on, it heats up, and you’re ready to start laminating anything  or everything!

I’m also a big fan of the self-sealing laminating pouches! They are super easy! You literally just place your printable in a letter size pouch, run it through the laminator and you have a sealed and long-lasting item!

This Thanksgiving activity comes with the below 2 pages:

1) The tree piece of this craft resembles a hand. I visualized children holding the things they’re thankful for in their hands. So, it worked really well when I decided to go this route with the tree.

2) This second page consists of 10 blank leaves. The lines are straight and uncomplicated. I wanted the leaves to be a basic shape so they would be easier to cut for the little ones.

gratitude tree printable cut & paste

On each leave write something you are thankful for! Color the entire page in festive fall colors and then hang it as Thanksgiving Decoration! Another idea is to give it to a family member or friend to show thanks!

To get this Thankful Tree Cut & Paste Activity visit Mrs. Merry’s shop. Only $1.50 or buy both Thankful Tree activities for $3.00

Get the Thankful Tree Craft

What is included in the I Am Thankful Download

The I Am Thankful Worksheet download includes 1 page:

  1. I am Thankful For Worksheet

Format: Pages are 8.5″x11″. What that means is they will print perfectly on a letter size piece of paper. The printables are meant to be printed vertically.

The file downloaded is a PDF file and all PDFs are in 300 resolution (no grainy pixels here!)

Below is what will be included in your free download. Please see toward the bottom of the page for actual download instructions. If you attempt to save the teeny tiny images below, they will not print out well. To get the free printable in high resolution, fill out the form toward the bottom of the page and let the Thanksgiving  fun begin!

I am thankful free printable

If you’re looking for the Thankful Tree Worksheet or the Thankful Tree Craft visit Mrs. Merry’s Shop.

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For more Thanksgiving free printables

You can never go wrong with coloring pages! Get 10 Turkey Coloring Pages and color your best turkey this holiday season. The perfect time of year to get your color-on with our festive coloring pages and activites

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Looking for a fun Thanksgiving game? Our Thanksgiving Trivia card game comes with 50 Questions and Answers. Laminate them, cut the cards out and bring them to the dinner table for a little Q&A game. Great for adults and older children!

free printable thanksgiving answers and questions

We also have our Thankful Turkey printable. Write down what you’re thankful for on the turkey’s feathers and say Happy Thanksgiving!

thankful turkey thanksgiving kids craft

Show your Thanksgiving spirit and spread the good feelings with our Thankful Printables!

For more free printable worksheets and activities visit and check back often!

Download the I am Thankful Worksheet

This is the part you are probably looking for. Grab this Thankful worksheet pdf and teach those kiddos what it means to give thanks.

Get the Thankful Worksheet

Printables from are copyright protected and for personal use and classroom use only. Mrs. Merry printables are not for commercial use. Thanks and have a very merry day!

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