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journey motivational wall art - diy decor

Adventure awaits with this free wall art featuring a man on a horse going underneath a bridge passing through the mountain tops.  This piece can be seen as a motivation booster. Hang it up in your hall to remind you to move forward in life and journey on!

I personally love this piece because it has an old book kind of feel to it. It’s vintagy, rustic, and perfect for any home looking for that old world charm sprinkled with modern thinking.

Available in 5″x7″ or 8″x10″. Instant, free download.

Just save, print and frame with this affordable DIY wall art project.

How do I frame this and keep it affordable?

Thats a good question! A frame can be anywhere from $1-$50. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to frame something and I see the cost of my in-budget project completely fly out of budget! Frames can be expensive! But you don’t need to waste your hard earned money and buy those high ticket items. Keep it affordable! I always tell this to all my friends and family but check out the dollar stores! Specifically Dollar Tree. They have some decent frames. The bigger stores always have more of a selection, but even if you can’t find what you’re looking for, go online and order it off their website. They have a ship-to-store option too, so shipping is free if you’re willing to pick it up!

Also, check out flee markets and thrift stores. Sometimes a really nice frame is hiding behind a hideous piece of art. So take the time and search through the art and frames. I have no doubt you’ll find a gem hidden in there.

Where is the best place to print, you ask?

Do you want to print something that is too large for your home printer? Or maybe you just want to make things super easy and not even deal with printing at home. These days its super cheap to print those large prints, especially when there are coupon codes galore on the web.

You can print pictures and printables out at many places. But in opinion the best in-store place to print is Walgreens. The colors are always crisp and the blacks are always, well, black. A lot of times blacks turn out almost gray/charcoal in color when printed, not true black. But Walgreens does a pretty good job at staying true to the colors. And are almost always running a coupon promo at 40-50%. The easiest and most efficient way to print using Walgreens is to go online, create a free account and upload away in their Photo section. Then you simply pick the store of your choosing and checkout. This way your prints are ready when you go pick them up. Sure you can go into the store and upload using their kiosk but sometimes a) their kiosks aren’t working properly or b) there is a long line. And who wants to wait in a long time? Yeah, not me.

Staples is also a good choice for an in-store option. You can print pretty much anything and everything there. They don’t have a great online presence. So it’s not my personal favorite. But the quality is good and it’s a great choice when you just want to walk in a store and come out with a print in hand.

Amazon Prints is also a very good option. It’s quick, easy and it’s all done online. Prices are great too but if you get your hands on a Walgreen promo code you may save even more money by choosing Walgreens.

free mortivational wall art diy

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