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free mothers day gift idea

Mother’s Day is right around the corner (May 10th), so it’s time to start thinking about how to celebrate and honor the mothers of the world. You may be a mother yourself looking to give your kids something to do or make for mother’s day. I know my kids are too little to order flowers or a gift online, but with a little guidance they love to make people things. And yes I am a mother but I have no problems printing this out and giving it to my kids who will then give it me :) Some of you may be in the same boat.

To me, teaching our children to give thanks on these special days is important and teaches them manners and how to respect people. Whether it be Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day or even if you act as a special person to a little somebody, it’s a big and special thing. So, if you are one of these important and honorable people…heck, to me, you deserve to be pampered!

All about the free Mother’s Day Packet:

The Mother’s Day packet features 7 pages of fun activities. All the pages promote coloring. Even the headers of each page are outlined so your child can color them in. I’ll walk you through all 7 pages to give you an idea on what fun is included in this packet. A great gift for any mother (or special person) on this Mother’s Day. Log in on the bottom of the page with your Mrs. Merry password to get the high resolution free download.


  1. Happy Mother’s Day: Page 1 is the “cover page” It consists of a Happy Mother’s Day message that can be colored in and includes various different hearts. It also has a spot your child can print or sign their name.

happy mothers day coloring gift for mom

2.  Words to Describe Mom: This page features a “mom figure” that your child can color to represent his/her own mom. It also includes 4 different bubbles/shapes for your child to write special or sweet things about their mom. If your child can’t write yet, feel free to encourage him/her to draw little pictures about how they feel about you.

words to describe mom mothers day gift

3. Mom’s Super Powers: This page is a “fill-in-the-blank” type page that has your child describe Mom’s super powers by having them fill in the blanks for sentences like: “She makes the best__________.”, “She can _________ faster than anyone.”, and “The funniest thing she does is____________.” These always provide good laughs which warm the heart, especially when your child is a little one.

free mothers day printable packet

4. Drawing of My Mom: This picture features a heart frame. Inside the frame, have your child draw a picture of you/Mom. I love to save this one because it’s always so adorable to see what they draw.

free mothers day printable drawing of mom

5. Flowers for Mom: This page consists of a bouquet of flowers that can be colored in. Every mom deserves flowers on Mother’s Day, am I right?

free mothers day gift flowers

6. Coupons for Mom: There are 2 pages of coupons your child can give to Mom. The first page consists of: breakfast in bed, foot massage and clean my room coupons. Cut them out and give them to Mom to use at her leisure.

free kids mothers day coupons

7. Coupons for Mom: This is page 2 of the coupons and includes coupons for: a big hug, listen the first time and pick up toys. Cut out all 6 coupons and make a little booklet to give to Mom.

mothers day coupons for mom free

Format: This printable comes in a PDF format and comes in two different sizes. Making it easy to print on any printer!

  • Standard US letter paper: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • A4 paper:  8.27 × 11.69 inches

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questions about mom free printable

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free mothers day gift ideas diy

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