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free father's day cards ideas printables

Father’s Day is approaching and it’s hard trying to find that perfect gift for Dad. Plus, we’re all a little hesitant these days to not only go out but to go out and and search through hundreds of cards. And even if we did, who wants to spend 5 bucks for a card that will probably be looked at once and tossed? And maybe you just want something a bit more DIY this year.

But whatever you’re looking for maybe we can help you come up with some Father’s day card ideas for you and your family.

All about our 10 Free Father’s Day Cards:

Ready to check out our 10 free Father’s Day cards? We have everything from:

  • Father’s day cards for your husband
  • Father’s day cards from kids to Dad
  • Father’s Day cards for new Dads
  • And even a Father’s Day card or two for Granddad/Papa

free paper father's day cards - dadicorn card

new dad father's day cards free printables

5x7 grandfathers day cards free printables

fathers day card for husband diy

sports fathers day cards free printables

The Father’s Day cards come in two different formats. Print them out on 5×7 card stock or 8.5×11 paper (whether it be the regular stuff you have around your house or 8.5×11 card stock paper).

The 8.5×11 versions are foldable and display a front and back for the card. Simply print it out and fold it in half!

This example was printed out on regular 8.5×11 size paper, so you can see you don’t technically need the thicker stuff if this all that you have.

fathers day card ideas free printable

free foldable father's day cards printable

Enjoy! And Happy Father’s Day!

Format: These printables comes in PDF format and comes in two different sizes.

  • 5″ x 7″ – Perfect to print on 5×7 card stock or print out on regular letter size paper and simply cut out the card.
  • 8.5″ x 11″ –  Print out on standard US letter size paper. This version prints out a front and back for the card. Simply fold the paper and half and write a little message inside.

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free fathers day cards printable diy

Are you looking for more free printables for Father’s Day??

Print out a football banner for Dad. Decorate using little footballs and create the perfect father’s day message!

free party decor foot banner free printable

Print out a fun Dad questionnaire! Have your child answer all 20 questions about Dad and expect heartwarming but hilarious responses!

free questionnaire for dad fathers day gift

Download the free Father's Day Cards Printable

This is the part you are probably looking for! To print your free Father's Day Cards PDF, simply click the button below for your instant download and start making your printable cards for Father's Day.

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