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shape tracing worksheets kindergarten

Learn shapes with our Shape Tracing Worksheets. Trace the shape, color the shapes and trace the word. Great shape worksheets for kindergarten, preschool and toddlers.

Are the Shape Tracing Worksheets Free?

Good news! One Shape Tracing Worksheet is free! With this shape printable you can trace and color 15 of the shapes. This kindergarten shape worksheet is a perfect shapes printable to use to introduce shapes to preschool or kindergarten students. Even toddlers will love this free beginner shape worksheet. Just trace and color!

Grab the free Shape Tracing Worksheet at the bottom of the post. No form to fill out just look for the “Get the Freebie” button.

free shapes to trace worksheet printable

Want more? Grab our Shape Tracing Worksheets Bundle for only $5.00

*The bundle includes 16 Printable Shape Worksheets

Are you planning a lesson around shapes? Our 16 Shape Tracing Worksheets is a perfect resource if you’re planning on introducing these 2d shapes to your children or students.

Your kids or students will have fun with these shape worksheets at home or in the classroom. They are asked to:

  • Trace the shape.
  • Color the shapes.
  • Trace the shape word.

The children are learning about the shape, how to draw the shape, and how to write the word.

Get the 16 Shapes Bundle

What’s included in the Shape Tracing Worksheets Bundle?

1. Circle Shape Printable

Learn about the shape of a circle with this printable circles worksheet. Trace the circle. Color the circle shapes, including a clock, pizza and orange. Practice writing and trace the word circle.

circle shape worksheet lesson

2. Crescent Shape Printable

Learn about the shape of a crescent with our crescent worksheet! Trace the crescent shape. Color the crescent shapes, including a moon, a croissant and a fish’s tail! Practice writing and trace the word crescent.

crescent shape printable mrs merry

3. Cross Shape Printable

Learn about the cross shape with our cross printable. Trace the cross shape. Color the cross shapes, including a shield, a math equation and a crosswalk. Trace the word cross.

learn about the cross shape printable

4. Diamond Shape Printable

Learn about the beautiful diamond shape our diamond shape worksheets! Trace the diamonds and color the diamond jewel, kite, and crown. Trace the word diamond.

learn about the diamond shape

5. Heart Shape Printable

Learn about the heart shape! The heart shape is unique because it’s shape is similar to the heart organ. Trace the heart shapes and color the heart card, heart balloon and heart emoji face. Trace the word heart.

printable heart shape worksheet

6. Hexagon Shape Printable

Learn about the beautiful hexagon shape. Practice fine motor skills and trace the hexagon shape. Color the hexagon shapes including the honey comb, hexagon snowflake and the watch.

learn about hexagon worksheet

7. Octagon Shape Printable

The octagon can be a tricky shape. Learn about this eight sided shape with our Octagon worksheet. Trace the octagon shape, color the octagon shapes including the stop sign, the octagon jewel and spider-web.

learn about octagon worksheet

8. Oval Shape Printable

The oval shape is pretty much a squished circle. Learn more about the oval with our oval printable worksheet. Trace the oval shape, color the oval shapes, including the watermelon, oval hand mirror and eggs. Lastly, practice your handwriting skills and trace the word oval.

printable oval shape sheet

9. Pentagon Shape Printable

The pentagon is a five sided shape that you have probably seen more often than you think. Trace the shape and then color the pentagon items including a birdhouse, soccer ball and dog house. Our pentagon worksheet makes it fun to learn about these fascinating shapes.

pentagon tracing worksheet kindergarten

10. Rectangle Shape Printable

Everyone knows the rectangle, but at first it can be difficult to separate it from a square. Learn more about rectangle shape with our rectangle worksheet. Trace the rectangle and then color the rectangle items including a suitcase, a book and a computer. Lastly, practice writing skills and trace the word rectangle.

rectangle tracing worksheet

11. Semicircle Shape Printable

The semicircle is a half circle. To practice this shape, trace it a few times and then color the semicircle items including the flower pot, umbrella and turtle shell.

kindergarten tracing worksheets semicircle

12. Square Shape Printable

The square is a beautiful shape. I love how clean and equal it is. There are a lot of square shaped items. Color the postage stamp, the window and the gift box. The trace the word square.

preschool square tracing worksheet

13. Star Shape Printable

Did you know the star is a ten sided shape? Learn more about the star shape with our star printable worksheet. Trace the star and color the shooting star, starfish and star wand. Trace the word star to practice handwriting skills.

star shape printable

14. Trapezoid Shape Printable

The trapezoid shape is a more complex one with four sides but only one pair of sides are parallel. Practice and learn this shape by tracing it and then coloring the trapezoid shape items including a purse, popcorn container and lock. Trace the word trapezoid.

first grade trapezoid worksheet

15. Triangle Shape Printable

Learn about the triangle with our triangle shape worksheet. Trace the triangle and color the triangle shapes including a watermelon slice, party hat and ice cream cone. Trace the word triangle.

kindergarten triangle worksheet

16. Shape Tracing Worksheet

This shape worksheet is the freebie and is included in the Shape Worksheet Bundle! It consists of all 15 shapes (on one worksheet), the name of the shapes and the shape outline to practice tracing and coloring the shapes.

shapes to trace worksheet free printable

Get your Shape Tracing Worksheets now:

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Materials needed for the Shape Activities Worksheets:

Good news, not many supplies are needed for the shape tracing worksheets.

If looking for a way to practice cutting shapes with scissors cut out the shapes to trace at the top of shapes worksheet.

Also if you’re looking to trace over and over again print out the “Shapes to Trace” worksheet and use a laminator to laminate and make the shapes worksheet last. Use a dry erase marker to trace the shapes.

What’s included in the 16 Shape Tracing Worksheets?

The Shape Tracing Worksheets include 16 pages in 300 resolution (prints perfectly on letter size paper). The below are the worksheets you will receive if

purchasing the Shapes Bundle.

Side note: The worksheets in the image below are small. The images are low-resolution files that will not look good if printed. To get the full high-resolution (pixel perfect!) version of the worksheets, grab the Shapes Worksheets in Mrs. Merry’s Shop.

shapes to track worksheets mrs merry shop

Get your 16 Shape Tracing Worksheets now:

This printable set can be bought instantly in Mrs. Merry’s Shop for only $5.00.
Get the 16 Shapes Bundle

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16 tracing shapes worksheet

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Get your FREE Shapes to Trace Worksheet

Just want the freebie? Grab your Free Tracing Shapes Worksheet and start your lesson on all things shapes!

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Download the free Shapes to Trace Worksheet

Just want the freebie? Practice each shape with our free Shapes to Trace worksheet. A great print out to introduce shapes to your students. Grab it now. Want more? Grab our 16 Shapes Bundle.

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