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We have many different snowflake templates to use for all sorts of winter arts and crafts activities. We have snowflakes to decorate and snowflakes to cut out for classroom decorations or various art projects. A fun way to practice scissor skills and show creativity! Check out this perfect winter activity, great for both young and older kids.

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Ways to use the free printable snowflake templates

There are many ways to use these snowflake templates for not just Christmas but for the whole winter season. Show your creativity with this fun winter craft. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten and even older elementary school students. With just regular paper, a pair of scissors and some basic art supplies (crayons, markers, colored pencils) you can make some pretty amazing snowflakes with these printable templates!

Make your own cut out snowflakes

Make your own snowflake design! Our cut out snowflake pattern is super easy. All you do is cut, fold and cut shapes into your snowflake for a beautiful snowflake design.

Glue snowflakes on posters or bulletin boards

An easy way to make winter decorations! Glue, paste or tack snowflakes onto a poster or bulletin board to use as winter background or decor.  Have your students write down their favorite part of winter and share likes with the classroom.

Make snowflake garland

Cut out our printable snowflakes and make your own snowflake garland. Use ribbon or string to connect the snowflakes and hang in the classroom to create your own winter decor.

Use as snowflake coloring pages

Many of our snowflake templates are perfect to use as snowflake coloring pages. Print a few of these winter coloring pages and place in the back of the classroom for a fun activity in between lessons.

Make your own snowflake stencils

Stencils are fun! Print one of the snowflake templates, cut it out and then trace your own snowflakes onto a poster or banner for some added winter decoration.

Or trace the snowflake, spread glue on the snowflake template and add glitter  to make a sparkly snowflake!

What’s included in the snowflake templates

There are a total of 14 different snowflake templates in pdf format to use for any of your snowflake projects. Grab these free pdf files and celebrate this beautiful season with some winter crafts. The below are included in your free download.

6 different blank template snowflakes

These blank snowflake templates can be used for so many different crafts and activities. Available in both large and small templates (12 templates to print).

6 free snowflake templates for crafts

Make Your Own Snowflake with this Easy Template

In this free snowflake templates pdf also includes a snowflake pattern cut out. This snowflake pattern is great for little kids who may need a little more guidance on how to make their own snowflake. It includes both a large and medium snowflake template (2 templates to print).

easy how to make a snowflake template for kids

How to use the Snowflake Template

Easy peasy! Simply cut along the dotted line, fold at the solid lines and cut shapes into the folded snowflake to create your own paper snowflake patterns. This a great way to improve fine motor skills.  Grab a pair of scissors and start creating your winter wonderland.

paper snowflake template

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

Maybe you don’t want to print out a snowflake template and you want to just make your own paper snowflake.  You can actually make wonderful snowflakes out of a square piece of paper. For a simple design, I tend to point kids to this easy paper snowflake method below:

1. Grab a piece of letter size paper (a lightweight paper is best). Take the top corner and fold (meeting at the other side). This will make a triangle.

how to make a paper snowflake step 1 fold to make a square

2. Cut off the bottom portion of the paper (you’re now left with a triangle and when unfolded it’s a square piece of paper).

how to make a paper snowflake step 2 cut to make a square

how to make a paper snowflake step 2 part b large triangle

3. Fold the triangle in half to make a small triangle

how to make a paper snowflake step 3 fold triangle

4. Fold the triangle in half one more time to make an even smaller triangle. Unfold the triangle to see that middle line (this helps as a marker where to fold in the next step).

how to make a paper snowflake step 4 fold in smaller triangle for guide

5. Next make a fold aligned with the top peak of the triangle. Fold it so it has equal parts to the second visible half (this is technically folding in thirds).

how to make a paper snowflake step 5 fold in thirds

6. Turn over and do the same to the other side.

how to make a paper snowflake step 6 fold last third

7. Cut the tails of the triangle off in a diagonal line (this will give your snowflakes nice corners).

how to make a paper snowflake step 7 cut triangle diagonally

8. Cut shapes along the sides of the snowflake. I like to cut little triangles and semi-circles

how to make a paper snowflake step 8 cut shapes

9. I also like to end with cutting the top of the triangle off (another diagonal cut), this will give you a nice shape in the middle of your snowflake.

how to make a paper snowflake step 9 cut tip of triangle

10. Unfold to reveal your beautiful snowflake!

how to make a paper snowflake step 10 unfold

The great thing about this method is that you don’t need to a follow an intricate snowflake pattern. Just cut the snowflake how you like. If you decide to do this in the classroom this results in unique snowflakes every time!

Also, try using different color construction paper to really give your paper snowflakes some personality.

Check out my video tutorial below and follow along:

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snowflake template printable

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Download the free 14 Snowflake Templates

Are you ready to make some snowflakes? Grab yourself these free printable snowflake templates and make your own paper snowflake or decorate your home or classroom with these easy snowflake templates. Happy winter!

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