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daisy flower printable template for kids

Build a daisy flower with one of our daisy flower printable templates. Use the simple daisy template or the more detailed daisy flower for the older kids!

The difference between the simple daisy and the detailed daisy template:

We have 7 pages of printable daisies for you! One group consists of a “simple daisy” the other is more of a “detailed daisy”.

  • The simple daisy is a daisy meant for the younger kids. It is perfect for toddlers, kindergarteners and first grade students.
  • The detailed daisy is a more realistic daisy. It looks and contains the daisy parts that are more inline with what a daisy looks like. The detailed daisy printable is better for older kids – second grade and up.

Ways to use the paper daisy flowers

  • Use as a kindergarten or first grade spring craft. Get creative and choose your own colors. Plus, practice with scissors!
  • Make bulletin boards or posters full of spring flowers! It’s spring time –  color, celebrate and decorate!
  • Learn about the daisy flower. Are you giving a spring lesson plan about botany? Use one of our daisy printables as part of your lesson plan.
  • Use this flower printable and make birthday cards. Print it out on cardstock and create a birthday card or greeting card for a special friend or family member with this flower printable.

white daisy flower realistic craft flowers printable white daisy

Instructions on how to use the Daisy Flower Printable

It’s simple! Before you begin you’ll need to download the printable PDF templates. Get the instant download simply by filling out the form on the bottom of the page and subscribing to the Mrs. Merry email list.

If you’re already a subscriber, simply fill out the form to be emailed your freebie!

Here is a short supply list (basic material) before you begin:

  • Paper to print your daily flower printable. I recommend a heavier cardstock (it will last longer and assemble much easier).
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers. Personalize your daily flower printable with your own colors!
  • Glue, or even tape would work.
  • Rounded corner scissors (practice, safely).

    1. Color your paper flower

    If you printed out the black & white daisy template, then the first step is to color the daisy! Choose your favorite colors and create a beautiful daisy with your own personal flare.

    2. Cut out the daisy petals, center, leaves, stem & pot

    Cut out your daisy printables! Practice cutting with scissors during this step! Cutting with scissors can still be a challenge through elementary school. It takes time, patience and proper eye/hand cordination to cut along the lines.

    3. Grab a glue stick and start assembling

    Use white glue, a glue stick or even a hot glue gun to assemble your daisy flower.

A few tips for gluing the petals to the middle of the flower:

An easy way to glue the petals to the middle piece is turning the pieces over while gluing!

tip to paste petals to center of daisy

The below is what the head of the flower should look like once all of the petals are glued or pasted on the middle piece.

how to paste daisy craft

Now turn the flower over and reveal the colorful daisy:

put together daisy flower printable

Now, glue the leaves to the stem and the stem to the pot and you have your finished daisy!

free printable daisy flower craft

What’s included in the free daisy printable:

I was torn with creating this printable. Should I make a basic flower printable or a more realistic daisy printable? I wanted toddlers and kindergarten students to be able to partake in this craft. However, I also wanted to create a daisy that was a bit more visually realistic. But a realistic daisy meant more pieces and more cutting! So, I just decided to create both!

This is what is included in the printable daisy flower:

1. Simple Build a Daisy Printable in Black & White

black & white daisy printable for toddlers

2. Simple Build a Daisy Printable in Color

build a daisy cut and create printable

3. Simple Daisy Printable Coloring Page

daisy flower coloring page

4. Simple Daisy Printable Decoration

a daisy like flower printable

5. Detailed Build a Daisy Printable in Black & White

realistic daisy craft template daisy petals to color and cut

6. Detailed Build a Daisy Printable in Color

daisy printable to create own flower petals to create your own daisy flower

7. Detailed Daisy Printable Coloring Page

realistic daisy flower coloring page

8 Detailed Daisy Printable Decoration

pink detailed daisy template printable

Need some craft supplies?

Amazon has always been my go-to for most of my office and craft supplies. If you print a lot of printables and spend  time coloring, gluing and adding some extra jazz to them, our list of supplies can help!

I’ve split the list up into a basic list and a fancier list if you’re going to put a little more pizazz into your printables.

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free printable build a daisy craft for kids

Download the Build a Flower Template

This is the part you are probably looking for! To print your free daisy flower pdf, simply click the button below and start making your own flowers. Just color, cut and create!

Get the Flower Template

Printables from are copyright protected and for personal use and classroom use only. Mrs. Merry printables are not for commercial use. Thanks and have a very merry day!

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