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how to draw a fish easily printable

Follow our tutorial on how to draw a fish easily. This tutorial includes easy step by step instructions plus a video to follow along. And yes of course, it includes a free printable! Get a fish coloring page and a dotted line outline of the fish!

This easy drawing tutorial is a great beginners way to learn how to draw. I always say you can learn anything as long as you can follow instructions! Practice drawing shapes and lots of curvy lines with this how to draw a fish tutorial for kids!

Follow the simple steps on how to draw a fish

We will start off with drawing the outline of the fish and then finish off with coloring that cute fish! Don’t be alarmed at the detail of the steps. I just tried to be as thorough as possible and hopefully it helps when drawing this fun fish.

Also, you can make it super simple by printing the tracing page for the fish and follow along that way.

Each step below is marked in blue – providing how to draw a fish easily step by step.

Step 1  – Draw the fish body

Grab a piece of paper and a black marker (I like to use sharpies). If you want to use a pencil, go for it! Grab an eraser too…there’s nothing wrong with getting it just the way you like it.

Draw a big circle at the center of your paper. This circle will be the body of your fish.

draw a fish head

Step 2 – Draw the eyes of the fish

We’re going to start with the head of the fish. Draw 2 little circles toward the front of the fish. I made one eye smaller than the other to give the fish more dimension (and to make him a little silly).

draw fish eyes printable

Draw 2 more little circles inside those circles.

draw fish pupils

Color those inner circles in using your marker.

color in fish pupils

Step 3 – Draw the nose of the fish

Right below the eyes (in the center) draw 2 little circles.

how to draw fish nose

Color them in with your marker.

color in fish nostrils

Step 4 – Draw the mouth of the fish

Start below the left eye and draw a small curved vertical line.

how to draw fish lips

Off the bottom of that line make another curved line 3 times the size going toward the right. This will be the fishes lip.

draw fish mouth

Now, make a big U shape line from one end of the lip to the other.

how to draw fish mouth opening

Inside of the fishes’ mouth make one small straight vertical line and draw another curved line going right  (draw this line almost the full length of the fishes mouth). Complete the row of teeth with another small vertical line connecting at the top of the lip.

how to draw fish teeth

Now for the tongue of the fish! On the inside of the U-shaped mouth make 2 little hills connecting each other. They look like hills or mountains (to me!).

draw a fish tongue

Step 5 – Draw the fins of the fish

A. Draw the side fin (pectoral fin)

Let’s draw the rest of the body of the fish! It’s time to draw one of the side fins which is officially called the pectoral fin!

This step is loosely guided since it consists of mostly curved lines and no curve line is a-like!

Start out at the top of the right eye and draw a line going down toward the end of the mouth.

Then draw a curved diagonal line up to the right so the lines you have almost look like a “V”.

draw top of fish fin

From that point draw another curved line going down but slightly toward the left and then dipping up toward the end.

draw bottom of fish fin

B. Draw the top fin (dorsal fin)

The top fin is rectangle in shape. It consists of one diagonal line going up and to the right.

draw top fish fin

Starting at the end of the diagonal line is the back of the top fin consisting of small curves (can be C in shape).

draw fish top fin printable

Side note: Our fish doesn’t have a pelvic fin or anal fin (these are little fins by the back and belly of the fish). But, thats ok, not all fish are a-like! Feel free to draw bottom or belly fins if you wish!

Step 6 – Draw the fish’s tail

This step is also a series of small curves.

Start toward the back of the fish. Starting in the middle draw a diagonal line up and to the right.

draw a fish tail

Then draw a line downward dipping into the middle and then out again toward the bottom right.

how to draw a fish double tail

Finish off by drawing a curved like up toward your starting point.

draw back of fish tail

Step 7 – Give your fish some detail

I feel like the finer details are everything! On the sides of the fish draw some scales! I like to describe these as drawing backward C’s.

how to draw fish scales

Draw more scales toward the bottom of the fish. I kept these simple and just drew little diagonal lines to represent those bottom scales.

draw belly of fish

I then did the same for the top fin and back fins!

draw a fish with detail

Step 8 – Grab your art supplies and color your fish!

Grab your crayons, colored pencils, markers, or pastels and start coloring your fish! I used blue, yellow and green as my main colors. It made me think of Flounder from the Little Mermaid. But, pick your favorite colors!

colored how to draw a fish

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How to Draw a Fish Step by Step YouTube Tutorial

Check out our YouTube Tutorial of How to Draw a Fish Easily with Mrs. Merry. This how-to video acts as a great visual guide for all ages.

An easy how to draw a fish tutorial that walks thru the basic outline of the fish. Don’t forget to grab your free fish coloring and tracing printable to follow along!

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What’s included in the free fish printable download?

There are 2 pages of fish fun in this free pdf download. They both can be paired nicely with the how to draw a fish easily tutorial.

1. Fish Coloring Page Printable

This free fish coloring page can be used as an easy fish activity or just follow along the coloring piece of the fish tutorial.

free fish coloring page printable

2. Fish Tracing Printable

This printable is the fish, but in dashed lines. This fish printable is supposed to help guide children how to draw the fish. It makes this fish tutorial easy for anyone! Watch the How Draw a Fish Easily YouTube tutorial or follow the step by step instructions on this page to follow along using the dashed lines!

fish tracing page printable

Get the coloring page for this easy fish drawing!

This free printable comes with a traceable fish page. This traceable fish makes it super simple for kids of all ages to follow along!

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