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how to draw a superhero printable

Superheroes are big these days. They are in old school comic books, movies (tons), books, toys and more. They are truly a classic piece of childhood for many children. Whether your favorite characters are Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman or even the Green Lantern, our easy superhero will be right up your alley. Learn how to draw one of these famous comic characters with our How to Draw a Superhero tutorial. Our superhero has a bit of a Superman twist to it. but feel free to make it your own and choose your own colors!

If you’re looking for easy superheroes to draw, this free tutorial is a fun and simple one. Help your children become little illustrators!

Plus, as an added bonus get a Build a Superhero printable in both black & white and color!

Follow this drawing lesson and learn to draw an easy superhero

Practice a few basic shapes while following these step by step instructions on how to draw a superhero

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youtube video how to draw a superman

Draw your own superhero and hang it on the fridge, bulletin board or use it as a birthday party activity.

A drawing tip before you begin: It can be helpful to draw both a vertical and horizontal line centered in the middle of your paper. These lines act as guides and help students mark where their next drawing point will be and to assure symmetry in their drawing.

Step 1 – Draw the head

Start with a curved line at the top. At each end of the line create a slanted horizontal line. Connect the 2 lines at the bottom with a vertical line (the chin).

step 1 draw superhero head

Step 2 – Draw the superhero’s hair

This caped crusader has a head full of hair. The starting point is a small vertical line off the side of the head. Draw up and over the top of the head (in a U-shape) and finish off with two V-shape hair pieces. Don’t forget the superhero’s curly cue! Superman himself has a piece of hair that falls (and curls) at the center of his forehead, so our superhero should too, right?

step 2 draw superhero hair

Step 3 – Draw the neck and body of the superhero

Draw 2 vertical lines off each side of the head. Connect the 2 lines at the bottom with a long vertical line (this will be the superhero’s shoulders). On each end of that vertical line draw a curved line that meets in the middle. The body should look similar to a triangle.

step 3 draw super hero body

Step 4 – Draw the superhero’s legs

I tried to draw his legs showing a bit of muscle. To do this draw 2 lines off of the bottom portion of the body. These lines should curve a little. Draw the feet by drawing a horizontal line and curving it around (for the toe area). Finish off the legs with 2 curvy lines that meet in the middle of the inside of the leg. This curved line gives our super hero some muscle definition!

step 4 drawing of superhero legs and boots

Step 5 – Draw superhero biceps (upper arms)

I drew the superhero flexing his arms in an upward fashion, but feel free to draw him in different poses!

Start the biceps by drawing a series of curved and straight lines. Use the YouTube tutorial for more detailed instructions on this one. This one can be a little bit tricky. Just take your time!

step 5 draw superhero biceps

Step 6 – Draw superhero forearms

Time to draw the forearms and gloves! These consist of a series of curved lines. Use the reference picture below for a guide.

step 6 draw superhero forearms

Step 7 – Draw the superhero’s cape and belt.

The cape lays on the hero’s shoulders. Make a semi-circle from shoulder to shoulder for the top portion of the cape. Then draw 2 diagonal smooth lines that curve out to the sides. Close the lines with a curvy line (representing the bottom portion of the cape).

The belt consists of a few simple lines. First, draw 2 straight vertical lines about 3/4 down the body. Then finish the belt by drawing four straight vertical lines to represent the buckles.

step 7 draw superhero cape

Step 8 – Draw the superhero’s shield

This is a bit of a tricky step. First we start out with creating a basic triangle. Inside the triangle we draw superman’s S. You can either draw a regular S inside the shield (keep it simple), or follow the curved lines in the tutorial to draw the thicker superhero S. Need more tips? Check out the Youtube video for a more detailed walk-thru. Pay close attention to how the S is broken up into small steps.

step 8 draw superhero shield

Step 9 – Finish by drawing the superhero face.

Start out by drawing his eyes, I chose to draw 2 small black circles as eyes. I think his eyes would be fine being an oval shape as well (if you prefer that shape).

On top of the eyes I draw two little rectangles to represent his eyebrows.

In the center of the face draw the nose.

Directly below the nose draw the superhero’s mouth. I choose to angle his mouth at an upward slant. It gave him a bit more of a confident personality. I did this by simply drawing a curved line up into the right and then connecting both ends with a curved line.

step 9 superhero face

Step 10 – Last step, color your superhero drawing

Coloring is the super fun part. Plus, coloring your picture can make your drawing go from looking ok to looking great! I chose Superman colors, but choose whatever colors you wish.

step 10 color your superhero

And there you have it! You learned how to draw a superhero! Unleash your super powers with this fun superhero drawing!

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How to Draw a Superhero Step by Step YouTube Tutorial

Check out our YouTube Tutorial of How to Draw a Superhero Man. This how-to video acts as a great visual guide for all ages.

A simple superhero drawing tutorial for kids that walks thru the steps on creating your own action hero.

Don’t forget to grab your free superhero coloring page and superhero tutorial PDF!

easy to draw superheroes on youtube

What’s included in the free superhero printable download?

There are 3 pages of superhero fun in this free pdf download.

1. 10 Step Tutorial for How to Draw a Superhero

This page consists of how to draw your hero in 10 easy steps. Print out and start drawing!

pdf 10 easy steps to draw superheroes

2. Build a Superhero Printable (Blank)

I decided last minute to turn this printable into a build-a activity as an added bonus! Enjoy coloring, cutting and creating your own superman with this free superhero printable.

build a superhero printable

3. Build a Superhero Printable (Color)

This printable also includes a colored version of the Build a Superhero! Just cut and create this free superhero printable. Use it for a birthday party activity.

4. Superhero Coloring Page

Also receive a superhero coloring page! Do your children or students not want to draw and just want to color? Print out the free blank superhero coloring page.

superhero coloring page

4. Colored Superhero for Decoration

Also is included a free colored superhero. Use this for superhero party decoration! Cut out with scissors and hang! Or make a banner with this free print-out.

superhero party decorations

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