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st. patricks day leprechaun footprints

Surprise your children on St. Patrick’s Day morning with the Leprechaun Footprints printable. Leave the footprints around the house to let the kiddos know the sneaky leprechaun visited.

These leprechaun feet are adorable and will leave your little ones laughing.

Ideas for the  Leprechaun Footprints printable

For the past few years St. Patrick’s day has been a holiday my children look forward to. They love starting the morning with a bowl of lucky charms and discovering what mischief the leprechaun caused during his visit.

Growing up my parents never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a leprechaun visit. They might have given us some chocolate coins or some other piece of St. Patrick’s themed candy but that was about it. Other than wearing a green shirt to school, we didn’t make a huge deal out of it, so when my children came home from school discussing the leprechaun traps and hidden treasures we had to scramble to figure out what we should plan for the holiday.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate the Leprechaun Footprints printable into your St. Patrick’s Day:

Create leprechaun treasure hunts

Hide trinkets or St. Patrick’s Day candy (a chocolate gold coin or two) around the house and create a treasure hunt to find all of the fun hidden Irish treasures.

Place some of the leprechaun’s footprints (or bootprints) near the hidden treasure so the kids know they are getting close to finding what the leprechaun left.

Simply create leprechaun tracks

Don’t want to get too elaborate? Simply print out the leprechaun footprints printable and scatter them around the house. Make leprechaun tracks leading to the bathroom or out the backdoor. Simply seeing the leprechaun bootprints will have your kiddos giggling!

Print this leprechaun footprints printable and have sneaky little leprechaun fun.

Print the leprechaun footprints (or bootprints) on sticker paper

Print the leprechaun printable on letter size sticker paper. Once printed, cut out and stick the footprints anywhere you like whether its the floor, wall or even the ceiling. Is your leprechaun up to no good?

Paint your hand to make leprechaun footprints

Maybe you don’t want paper footprints and you want something a bit more realistic? Here is an easy peasy way to make some great looking footprints with paint:

  • Grab some washable green paint and a paint brush.
  • Make your hand into a fist and paint the side of your fist & pinkie finger with the green paint.
  • Now, gently stamp your dipped hand onto the floor, table or other areas you want your kids to think the leprechaun has been. Test on a piece of paper to make sure you’re getting the correct look.
  • Finally, give your leprechaun feet some toes! Paint your finger and make a fingerprint for each 5 little toes for the leprechaun.

What is included in the Leprechaun Footprints Printable:

This free leprechaun printable includes 6 pages formatted to print perfectly on 8.5″x11″ paper.

1. Colored Leprechaun Footprints Printable

colored leprechaun footprints printable mrs. merry

2. Colored Leprechaun Bootprints Printable

shamrock leprechaun bootprint printable

3. Colored Lucky Leprechaun Bootprints Printable

colored leprechaun footprints to cut out

4. Black & White Leprechaun Footprints to Color

leprechaun footprint printable to color

5. Black & White Leprechaun Clover Footprints to Color

clover leprechuan bootprint to color

6. Black & White Lucky Leprechaun Bootprints to Color

lucky leprechaun bootprint printable to color

How to use the Leprechaun Footprints printable

Simple! Just cut along the outter dotted lines and place them around your home or classroom. Use some scotch tape to tape them to the floor or even on the walls. Leprechaun’s can walk on walls, right?

Or, like I mentioned above print on sticker paper so you can peel and stick the footprints anywhere of your choosing!

Instructions on how to get your Leprechaun Footprint free download

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free printable leprechaun footprints st. patricks day

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