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build a bee craft for kids

Grab our bee printable and make various bee crafts. Color, cut and create your own bumble bee. This easy peasy honey bee craft is a fun Spring craft for kids of all ages.

Ways to use the bee craft

Whether you’re learning about insects, or looking for a good Spring craft. There are various ways you can use this simple bee printable. Make some cute bee crafts today!

Practice fine motor skills

This craft has simpler lines than some of the other build activities. This bee craft is a perfect one for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten students to practice fine motor skills by cutting with scissors and coloring this adorable bee.

Use a paper plate to make a beehive for your bee

Make a home for your bee, by grabbing a paper plate and drawing honeycombs to make a beehive for the bee to live in. Create your bee craft and glue the bee onto it’s beehive.

Add more detail to your bee craft by adding tissue paper and enhance the look and feel of the bee’s wings.

Use this adorable bee craft as decoration

Looking to decorate the classroom for the spring season? Have your students color and create these little bees and use them as decoration around the classroom. Hang on the bulletin board or in the hallways.

Pair with our build a butterfly!

Use it for a lesson on bees

Bees can have a slightly bad reputation because they sting (which hurts!). But the honey bees of the world pick up the pollen of flowers and spread it. Which allow plants, including many crops, to reproduce, which in turn gives us food! Work in this bee craft into your bee lesson.

Supplies to make the bee craft

You don’t need many supplies to build the bee craft. These supplies are suggested but all are not needed depending on how far you take/expand upon the bee project.

  • Plain white paper (or card stock for a thicker feel) to print the bee printable.
  • Crayons, markers, colored pencils or paint (if you choose the black & white version and wish to color).
  • Glue stick, paste or tape to attach the bee parts together.

If you want to give your bee craft a more 3d feel, use the below supplies to make your bee stand out more.

Print the bee printable and use it as a template to enhance your bee using the below supplies:

  • Black pipe cleaners (attach these to the bees head to give your bee larger antennae or even use one for a stinger).
  • Paper plate (to color a bee hive for your bee or to paste your finished bee on as a background).
  • Tissue paper to make little wings for your bee.
  • Use pom-poms as an added touch for the flower pieces
  • Want more? Paste some googly eyes on your bee.

make a bumble bee craft

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bee cut & paste activity

Whats included in the free bee printables?

There are 4 pages includes in the free bee printable. The bee pdf includes:

1. Colored Build a Bee

build a bee craft

2. Black & White Build a Bee

bee coloring page printable

3. Bee Template (Cut out and use for decoration)

bee template decoration

4. Bee Coloring Page

bumble bee coloring page

Download this fun bee printable

This is the part you are probably looking for! To print your free bee craft pdf file, simply click the button below and start to color, cut & create!

Get the Build a Bee

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