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printable soccer field positions for kids

It’s soccer time! Did your kids just start fall or spring soccer? Print out the printable soccer field positions for some guidance on youth soccer positions. The soccer field diagram is a great and easy way to teach little kids about the game of soccer and the soccer field positions.

What are the youth soccer positions:

Let’s start off with going over the soccer positions.  These positions are displayed on the printable soccer field for easy reference. First, at the beginning of the game each team lines up on their side of the field in their chosen formation. This also happens after a goal is made and after half time. The positions are:

printable soccer field center forward

Forward (also known as the striker)

The forwards are always set and ready to score. They will start behind the center line area and move to the other side of the field once the ball is kicked. The forward players are usually good at dribbling and are fast!

Midfielders (also know as attackers)

They start out in midfield, behind the forwards and in front of the fullbacks. But midfielders run all over the field during a game. They are good at both offense and defense. They are also good passers and dribblers.

Fullbacks (also known as defenders)

The fullbacks main job is keep the other team from kicking the ball into the goalie. Fullbacks usually stay on their side of the field guarding the goal, but can also shift into open space to support an attack. Fullbacks are tough players and should be great passers.


The goalkeeper (or goalie) is known as the protector of the goal. The goalie gets to use their hands to push the ball away from the goal.

High balls are hit away or caught. Low balls are scooped up. This player is super important and very busy.

This Soccer printable also includes free soccer coloring pages!

soccer positions and coloring pages

What is the 9v9 (3-2-3) formation?

This soccer field printable is based on the 9v9 (3-2-3) formation. It’s a great formation that works well for all types of players. It’s on the simpler side and is an easier one for kids to learn/understand.

It’s called a 3-2-3 formation because there are:

  • 3 fullbacks (2 fullbacks – right and left sided) and a center fullback.
  • 2 center midfielders 
  • 3 forwards (includes a right and left winger with a centre forward).

Use as a printable soccer coloring page

This soccer printable is black & white and was designed to be colored! Speak to each player/position and have your children or students color the players and field as you learn about the positions and formation.

Also, print out a bunch for your children’s soccer team. Or bring a copy for your soccer player’s sibling to color or learn on the sidelines while brother or sister are playing the game!

What’s included in the soccer field printable:

This soccer field printable is formatted to print perfectly on letter size paper (8.5″x11″). It is a high resolution PDF. The free soccer printable includes 6 pages of free soccer fun.

  1. Soccer Field Positions Printable

learn soccer field positions printable

Includes 5 free soccer coloring pages

  1. Go for the Goal Soccer Coloring Sheet

soccer coloring page

2. Bear Soccer Coloring Page Printable

toddler soccer coloring page

3. Go Go Go Soccer Boy Coloring Page

boy playing soccer coloring

4. Shoot For Your Goals – Girl Playing Soccer Coloring Page

girl playing soccer coloring page

5. Dream Soccer Coloring Page Printable

dream soccer coloring sheet

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youth soccer positions explained printable

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Download the Soccer Positions Printable

Grab this Soccer Field Positions printable and print out for the entire soccer team. Help those kiddos learn about the game of soccer. Plus, 5 soccer coloring pages included.

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