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crayon template printable

Decorate your classroom with our crayons printable banner! This free crayon template printable is a must if you’re looking for free classroom decoration. These colorful crayons are perfect to use as a welcome banner, as name tags, or creative classroom decorations.

Read on to learn some ideas and fun ways to use this crayons printable. These crayon box templates can be used in various ways! Get this free printable by simply subscribing to Mrs. Merry’s email list at the bottom of the post.

Need some ideas for this crayons printable?

These crayon printables are perfect for the little ones! Use as classroom decoration for the kindergartener or preschooler kiddos.

Use as a classroom banner or for welcome signs

We have “Welcome Back” and “Back to School” banners already created for you. Welcome back your little learners with this printable letter banner.

Use as school supplies to promote creativity

  • Some teachers like to hang name tags for themselves and their students in their classroom. Print out the blank crayons printable and write your name on the crayon box.
  • Laminate a blank crayons template and use it as class decor or label for the classroom bulletin board.
  • Turn this crayons printable into a fun activity. Grab your crayons (or markers) and use the blank version as a crayon coloring page for kids. Have them choose their favorite color crayons and color away! Try using neon crayon colors to jazz it up!

Use this crayons printable to practice color recognition

This printable is a great way to practice color recognition! Print out the free crayon template printable and point to the crayon colors. Have the class tell you the names of the colors (practice the color words) and discuss! Even go further and discuss the crayon shape and size.

Print out the blank (black & white) version and have the children use specific colors to color the crayons and crayon box. Make note if they color the crayons with the correct colors! If not, discuss those new chosen colors. Using these templates as coloring pages also promotes fine motor skills!

What’s included in the crayons printable:

The crayons printable banner and template is available in:

1. Letters A thru Z (Create your own)

free printable back to school banner letters a and b free printables back to school banner letters c and d free printables back to school banner letters e and f free printables back to school banner letters g and h free printable back to school banner letters i and j free printable back to school banner letters k and l free printables back to school banner letters m and n free printables back to school banner letters o and p free printable back to school banner letters q and r free printables back to school banner letters s and t free printables back to school banner letters u and v free printable back to school banner letters w and x free printables back to school banner letters y and z

2. Numbers 0-9

free back to school banner numbers 0 and 1 free back to school banner numbers 2 and 3 free back to school banner numbers 4 and 5 free back to school banner numbers 6 and 7 free back to school banner numbers 8 and 9

3. Punctuation including:

  • Period
  • Comma
  • Apostrophe
  • Exclamation Point
  • Question Sign
  • At Sign
  • Hashtag
  • Dash
  • Art Icons:
  • Apple
  • Back-to-School Chalkboard Sign

free back to school banner printable free crayons back to school banner printablefree back to school banner crayons punctuationfree printable back to school bannerback to school banner apple icon

4. Blank crayons printable with coloring pages

crayons printable coloring page printable crayon box template

crayon template to color crayon printable template pdf

Use the pre-built banner downloads to welcome kids back to school

  • Welcome Back
  • Back to School

Format: Our free crayons printable comes in PDF formats and perfectly sized to print on 8.5″x11″ standard size letter paper. This size and format makes it easy to print on any printer!

Tip: Print out on card stock paper to make these crayon boxes last! Laminate for some extra coverage and protection.

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crayons template printable banner

More school crafts, banners & activities

Our Pencil Printable Banner is another great classroom resource to help liven up the classroom. Welcome your students back to school with this free colorful banner.

free pencils banner for classroom

Have your students fill out the New School Year Worksheet. Discuss goals for the year and areas you want to learn and improve upon.

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Need a First Day of School sign? Print one out and have your student or child pose for a picture for their first day back at school.

free first day of school sign personalize your own sign

Download the Crayons Template

Decorate the classroom with this crayons template. Make a banner or use the crayons template as a name tag or template for other school activities! Grab the crayons printable now.

Get the Crayons Template

Printables from are copyright protected and for personal use and classroom use only. Mrs. Merry printables are not for commercial use. Thanks and have a very merry day!

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