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The first day of school is fast approaching! Whether your child is going to be in school (in person), remote schooled or homeschooled, it’s still fun to celebrate the beginning of the year. Our First Day of School personalized printable allows you to edit certain areas of the sign to include your child’s name, grade, favorites and more.

All about our First Day of School sign printable:

First of all, this is a little different than my other printables. This one you can personalize! I designed this sign using both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but then saved out the background and headings and used that as a template in Google Drawings. In Google Drawings I recreated all of the personalized fields, so anyone with the link will have the option of editing and saving the sign of their very own.

This file is 8″x10″ in size so it can be printed and the framed in a 8″x10″ frame. Don’t want to frame it? Just print it on regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper and have your child hold it up for a first day of school photo opportunity!

How do I personalize the First Day of School Sign?

This is a Google Drawing file. What does this mean? It means that certain areas of the file can be personalized with your child’s own info.

  1. Simply click on the link that is emailed to you. You’ll now be brought to the “Copy document” page. This is making a copy of the original document, so you can personalize it with your OWN info. Select the “Make a Copy” button. If you don’t get this page, you’ll be asked to sign in to your google account before you’re brought to this page. You must be signed into your google/gmail account to access since this is using a free Google resource. 
  2. After you select “Make a copy”  you’ll be brought to Google Drawing featuring your First Day of School sign. At this point you can click on the sign and edit the fields you want to edit: including the name, favorites, etc. You are also able to change the color of the text by selecting the “text” color box in the menu. 
  3. Once you’re done making all your changes, you can either print from your own computer right away by going to “File” and then “Print”. Or, if you’re planning on printing later or printing through a printing company: Select “File” and then “Download” and select  “JPG” or “PDF”. I recommend saving this as a PDF over a JPG because Google Drawing won’t export a JPG at a high resolution. But either will print fine since this is printing 8″x10″ in size!

Enjoy! Welcome back 2020-2021 students!

Below are examples of how your First Day of School sign can be personalized:

Need some craft supplies?

Amazon has always been my go-to for most of my office and craft supplies. If you print a lot of printables and spend  time coloring, gluing and adding some extra jazz to them, our list of supplies can help!

I’ve split the list up into a basic list and a fancier list if you’re going to put a little more pizazz into your printables.

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