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build a witch activity preschool craft

Witches are a Halloween staple in my house! They can be good or bad and have so many different styles, magical skills and even personalities. Get ready for this fun-filled holiday with this Halloween icon! Make your own witch character with our Halloween Witch Printable. Ready, set….*cackle*.

Ideas to use the Halloween Witch Printable:

Develop creativity and focus with our Halloween witch template. Below are some various ways to use our Halloween witch printable. 

Use the Halloween witch template as a classroom activity

It’s always so much fun to do a holiday activity in school. It gets students excited for the upcoming holiday and it helps education be fun! Print and have each student color, cut and paste together their witch. Hang the witches up in the classroom to use a Halloween banner or decoration.

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Practice with scissors with our witch template

Does your preschool or kindergarten student need a little bit more practice with scissors? Scissor skills are one of the fine motor skills that require practice. Kids need to repeat the repetitive  squeezing motion while at the same time following the lines on the paper. It’s actually a pretty complicated task for such little hands and minds. 

Our Halloween witch printable has a bit more detail than some of our other printable templates which makes it a great way to improve those scissor skills. 

Whether you’re in school or at home our witch template is a great activity to practice those scissor cutting skills!

Use the Halloween witch printable as a party activity

Are you throwing a Halloween party? Print out the witch template and use it as a party activity or craft. Or maybe you need to keep the kids busy while you socialize with other parents? Print out a bunch and keep your children active and having Halloween fun of their own.

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All about our Halloween witch printable:

Our free witch template is available in both a blank and color version. Use the blank version and color, cut and paste 

How to create and assemble your owl printable:

  1. If you’re using the blank version of the witch template, first you should color the witch. Maybe even add some sequins or glitter and make the witch extra fancy. Grab your crayons, colored pencils or markers and get coloring!
  2. Cut out the witch parts with a pair of rounded tip scissors
  3. Glue or paste the witch parts together. Use the put-together version of the witch as a guide to assembling the witch. If you want to avoid using glue or paste, use double-sided tape to attach the parts.
  4. Hang it on the fridge or use it as Halloween decoration!

Create your own witch character today with our Halloween witch printable!

Things you need for the free witch printable:

  • The printed Halloween witch (see the bottom of the page for download instructions)
  • Crayons, markers or colored pencils. 
  • A pair of rounded tip scissors (to cut out the witch parts). 
  • Paste or glue to glue the owl parts together.

Laminate your witch printable:

  1. Color your witch and then laminate the piece of paper before cutting out any of the witch parts.
  2. Once laminated, cut out the witch parts and use velcro dots to velcro one part to another. This is a great way to make your witch last and reuse. 
  3. Use your witch as Halloween decoration at home or in the classroom. Save your witch in a Halloween box to bring out each year as Halloween decoration. 

Enjoy our free Halloween witch printable and get ready for this fun holiday!!

There are a lot of good books on witches. Witches are fascinating because of the 

Things you need to laminate:

  1. I don’t use anything fancy, just a simple and easy laminator.
  2. I’m also a big fan of the self-sealing laminating pouches! They are super easy! You literally just place your printable in a letter size pouch, run it through the laminator and you have a sealed and long-lasting item!
  3. Stick little self-adhesive velcro dots on the laminated pieces so your kids can attach and reattach easily. This eliminates the use of any messy glue or paste!

Do you need help putting this kids Halloween craft together? Below is what the finished witch will look like after putting it together.

free halloween printables build a witch preschool activity

free kids halloween activity build a witch

Below is what is included in your download (see the bottom of the page for actual download instructions):

free build a witch halloween activity mrs merry

kids halloween craft build a witch

Need some craft supplies?

Amazon has always been my go-to for most of my office and craft supplies. If you print a lot of printables and spend  time coloring, gluing and adding some extra jazz to them, our list of supplies can help!

I’ve split the list up into a basic list and a fancier list if you’re going to put a little more pizazz into your printables.

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free printable build a witch activity for kids

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Download the Build a Witch

Grab this witch printable and make your own Halloween witch! Color cut and have a spooky time with thie free witch craft.

Get the Build a Witch

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