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acorn craft for preschool

Practice your fine motor skills by coloring and putting together this easy fall craft! Looking for acorn crafts for preschool and kindergarten students? This acorn printable includes 5 pages of acorn activities for the kiddos. Color, cut and create your own adorable acorn craft! A fun way to incorporate learning and growth into a fall activity.

Turn this acorn craft into a a fall art project.

There are so many unique crafts you can make during the fall season. Pair our acorn craft with our fall leaf coloring pages for some added fall fun. Our acorn craft is a perfect activity to use in preschool or kindergarten class. Because of the simplicity of the craft, the acorn activity is even great for toddlers.

The cut & paste acorn activities are 1-page simple fall projects for the littles. Some basic instructions to build an acorn of your own are:

  1. Use the black & white cut & paste acorn template and color your acorn pieces with your favorite color.
  2. Cut out the acorn body, arms, legs, acorn cap and oak leaf!
  3. Grab some glue or paste (even tape) to build your acorn friend!

A fun craft that can be enjoyable for the whole family. Plus, it’s great sensory play for the little ones! Make a bunch of little acorns and play with these paper toys!

acorn coloring activity

This easy craft has smooth easy to cut lines and is perfect for the littles that are just learning to use scissors. A great educational way to celebrate the fall season!

What’s included in the acorn printable download:

These easy acorn activities are in PDF format and consist of 5 pages of fall fun! Print out on heavier card stock paper for an acorn preschool craft that lasts! But, simple white paper will do just fine as well!

1. Cut & Paste Build an Acorn Printable (In Color)

A perfect fall craft to practice cutting with scissors. Simply cut along the smooth lines and grab some glue sticks and assemble the little acorns! Use your paper acorn as pretend play characters.

cut and paste acorn craft

2. Cut & Paste Build an Acorn Printable (In Black & White)

Grab your favorite color crayons for this one! Perhaps suggest using colors of fall? Start by coloring the acorn pieces (don’t forget the acorn top!) and then cut and glue the acorn pieces together. These works of art are awesome to hang in the hallway in school to show off the students artistic choices!

acorn activities for preschoolers

3. Acorn Decoration Printable (the acorn colored and put together).

Use this acorn art as at home or in the classroom Fall decorations! Simply cut out and hang!

free acorn decoration for fall

4. Acorn Coloring Page (the acorn put together and ready to be colored in!)

free acorn coloring page printable

Use as a fall coloring page for those preschool or kindergarten students. Hang them on the classroom bulletin board to show off the little artists!

5. Acorn Template Printable (a simple acorn template).

​This free acorn template can be used for name tags, a fall banner, or simply a fun fall craft for the kids! Also, use the free acorn template to practice site words. Print the acorn template and write sight words on each acorn. Hang the acorns around the classroom for some fall educational use!

free acorn template

Don’t miss out! This fall acorn craft for preschool and kindergarten is lots of fun.

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fall acorn craft for kids

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Download the Build an Acorn PDF

Make a fun acorn with this free acorn craft. A great fall craft to celebrate this beautiful season. Grab it now!

Get the Build an Acorn

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