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elf on the shelf goodbye letter by mrs. merry

Christmas is almost here and that means parents need to start thinking about their grand Elf on the Shelf exit! In past years my sweet and sensitive oldest child would be in tears when our family elf would make his departure for the year. But, ever since we started using the Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter, it has made this part of the holidays a little gentler on everyone.

The letter gives our kids closure and even though it’s a year away it also gets them excited for his arrival next year!

Get your Elf on the Shelf Return Letter

generic elf on the shelf letter from kids

So, if you’re looking for a fun way for your Elf to depart, I have you covered!

Need a few other tips to make the Elf departure easier?

It’s never easy to say goodbye, especially when there is so much fun wrapped up into the whole existence of the Elf on the Shelf. The mischief and fun that was had during the season is so easy to miss!

Here is some Elf departure inspiration to make the goodbye a bit easier.

Elves usually leave Christmas Eve night

You may wonder, how does this make the elf leaving any easier? We have always had Our family Elf on the Shelf leave Christmas eve because their minds are occupied on Christmas that morning/day! They are preoccupied with presents, family, and food, and don’t end up giving him a piece of their mind until much later in the day.

Also, it’s super fun to tell your kids that their elf hops into Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve to catch a ride back to the north pole. Cute visual, right?

Creative way to give your Elf a hug

The night before Christmas eve we set up the family elf at night so he is in some kind of container for the next day. Whether it be a glass, vase, or any kind of cup. We say this is a way they can hold or hug their elf without actually touching him (and losing his Christmas magic). We do this so our kids can give their elf a nice hug goodbye before he leaves Christmas eve night.

My kids become pretty attached to their Elf on the Shelf – they do end up becoming part of your family. So allowing them this “loophole” way of hugging him really helps.

Leave a present under the Christmas tree from your Elf

Presents make everything better haha. Leave a small present from your elf under the Christmas tree for the kids to unwrap. Make it simple and little unique. We left a box of Elf on the Shelf cereal for the kids one year, which they absolutely loved

You could also leave a photo of the elf that they can save or frame.

What’s included in the free Elf Arrival Letter download?

There are 5 pages includes in the Elf Letter printable download.

1. Elf the Shelf Goodbye Letter Instructions:

This first page consists of instructions on how to edit your Elf Goodbye Letter. It’s easy and you’ll love adding some personalization to this printable! The instructions page includes a links that will take you to the Google Drawing page that will allow you to edit the Elf Letter printable. Change the child’s name to your child’s name. Adjust the body of the letter to include personalized info about your child. Lastly, update the elf’s name with your elf’s name.

The Google Drawing page below is what it will look like. To edit, simply click into the words and adjust the names or words as needed.

simple elf on the shell goodbye letter

2. Generic Elf Letter

Still want the Elf Letter but don’t feel like editing or personalizing? Print out the generic goodbye letter from Elf printable. Instead of using your child’s name, the letter simply says “Dear Family” as a greeting. And instead of using your Elf’s actual name in the printable, the generic printable reads “Love, Your Elf.”

free elf on the shelf goodbye letter

3. Blank Elf Goodbye Letter Printable:

This last page doesn’t contain any words. It’s a blank page consisting of the Elf Letter background. This is a great page to use if you want to handwrite your Elf letter. Tip: If handwriting your letter, write your letter with your non-dominant hand so your children don’t recognize the handwriting!

template elf letter printable mrs. merry

4. (Red) Generic Goodbye Elf Letter

This is the same as the green version above (number one), but in red! I couldn’t decide on making the elf goodbye letters green or red…so, I made them in both colors!

generic elf letter free printable

5. (Red) Blank Elf on the ShelfGoodbye Letter

Again, this is the same as the blank green version of the free Elf Goodbye Letter printable, but just in red!

blank template for writing elf letter

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free printable elf on the shelf goodbye letter mrs. merry

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edit elf return letter

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christmas countdown calendar mrs merry

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Give the Elf on the Shelf

Ok, now it’s time to say goodbye. Whether your elf has been with the family since Thanksgiving night or if he just arrived a couple weeks ago, it is still hard to say goodbye to this little Christmas elf.

Download the Elf Goodbye Letter

Grab the free Elf Goodbye Letter and leave your kids a special message from their elf.

Get the Elf Goodbye Letter

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