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free printable weekly meal planner

Before I became a parent I flew by the seat of my pant’s when it came to meals. I ate what what I wanted, when I wanted it and when I didn’t have any food I’d order out. But things aren’t so easy and carefree once you’re feeding and caring for little one’s. If you don’t have some kind of plan with food you tend to eat junk and overspend!

Surprise! When you become a parent, you actually have to start planning out everything

And one thing I live by is meal planning. Writing what we’ll be eating down on a weekly basis helped tremendously. Not only did it keep me sane, but it saved us a ton of money. Once I planned out my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, I wasn’t aimlessly wandering around the food store throwing things in my cart that I thought we would eat when in reality it went bad before we ate it or my cabinets started to fill up with random things that didn’t need to be hogging up all the space!

All about the free weekly meal planner:

This a simple weekly meal planner. It doesn’t contain any unnecessary rows, or columns or fields. It lists the days of the week on one side and a shopping list and notes section on the other side. For the days of the week it lists: B (breakfast), L (lunch), D (dinner), S (snacks).  So, you can jot down exactly what you’ll be eating that given week. And on the shopping list side, simply list all the items needed for your meal plans! Simple as that. And now all you need to do is go to the food store and buy exactly what you need with no over spending! Done and done.

Below is what will be included in your download (see the bottom of the page for actual download instructions):

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Format: Our free Weekly Meal Planner comes in a PDF format and is sized to print perfectly on 8.5″x11″ standard size letter paper.

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free printable weekly meal planner

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Organize your week with our free Meal Planner! Grab it now and start the new year off right.

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