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free printable emotions feelings chart for kids

Children are full of so many feelings and one of the hardest things for them to do is learn how to navigate those feelings. What do they mean? How should I respond to them? Is it normal to respond this way or that way? Our Feelings Chart for Kids is a great guide to help kids recognize what they might be feeling at any given time on any given day. 

A great emotions activity is to ask your children each morning to pick an emotion on the Feelings Chart that best matches how they’re feeling. Are they feeling sad, happy, loving, frustrated? There are so many emotions one can feel and sometimes just saying how you feel can help process those feelings on a different level.

Children sometimes don’t know why they are feeling a certain way and if it’s normal or right to feel one way vs. another. Having the chart displayed so your children or students can see the list of normal emotions is a great way to say “it’s ok to feel this way.” From there, talk about the feelings and how to respond to each emotion.

All about the Feelings Chart for Kids:

Our Feelings Chart for Kids consists of many emotions, 20 in fact. In addition to 20 of the most common emotions, they are shown with various skin tones.

Did they wake up feeling angry or shy today? Frustrated or sad? Pinpointing how they feel can help them overcome these uneasy feelings by learning to respond to them in a positive way. 

Laminate the Feelings Chart

In my opinion, the emotions chart really should be laminated. It’s an inexpensive way to make a single piece of paper into something that can last forever. Laminate this and hang it on the fridge as part of a daily task you and your family can partake in. 

Laminate the emotions sheet and each morning, have them circle (with a dry erase marker), how they’re feeling. (Or they can use a magnet.) Not only will it make them feel better but it’ll also make everyone in your home feel better as well. As a parent, I believe firmly that knowing what my children are feeling (as well as what I am feeling) is truly half the battle.

We need to remember that people aren’t mind readers, and waking up to start your day knowing how/what your child is feeling will help you gauge how to best approach and react/respond to your child. 

Educators, laminate this for each student and encourage them to use it throughout the day as an emotional/feelings check-in. Sometimes it’s easier for kids to “show” how they are feeling instead of “telling” it to the whole class.

Take a peek at what this free Feelings Chart for Kids looks like:

how are you feeling chart for kids printable

Scroll to the bottom of the page to get your free Feelings Chart.

Match the Feelings to the Picture

We have another great emotions activity for kids that can help you and your children or students learn about emotions and how they may appear.

match the emotion feelings worksheet

In this feelings worksheet, we have listed 8 different pictures of various children displaying all different kinds of emotions from sad to silly, and surprised to angry — this worksheet shows a great visual of each emotion.

Match the emotion word to the correct face

It’s as simple as that! Have your children or students take 5 minutes to look at each picture on this emotions page. 

Some questions to ask your children to help prep them for the feelings worksheet are:

  • How do the children’s eyes look?
  • Do they seem to be showing a good feeling emotion or a bad feeling emotion?
  • How are their mouths portrayed?
  • Are their eyebrows displaying any type of feeling to you?

After taking in all of the pictures, try to match the words on the bottom of the page to the pictures displaying the emotions.

The children can either cut the emotion words out and paste them under the correct emotion picture, or they can simply write the word under each picture.

Get your matching Feelings worksheet for kids at Mrs. Merry’s shop:

Get the Feelings Worksheet

How Do You Feel Worksheet for Kids

Another way to learn about emotions and the various ways people can visually portray them is with our How Do You Feel Worksheet.

how do you feel drawing worksheet for kids

This worksheet consists of 6 different faces. The faces are blank, but underneath each face is a written emotion: “I’m sad”, “I’m afraid”, “I’m happy”, etc.” .

This emotions worksheet consists of two parts:

  1. In each blank face, draw what you think the below emotion looks like. Is the emotion statement, “I’m excited”? What does an excited expression look like to you? Draw it and share it to get feedback on what an emotion may or may not look like.
  2. After finishing drawing what you think the emotion looks like, trace the emotion statement. Tracing this statement is a great way to remind the children that “this is what sad can look like”. Remember a child’s vision of what sad looks like can range from one child to the next. One child may draw a “sad face” in hysterics and tears and another student can draw a simple frown face. Neither is right or wrong, both show how that child perceives an emotion.

Get your How Do you Feel worksheet for kids at Mrs. Merry’s shop:

How Do You Feel Worksheet

Recognize your emotions with our Feelings Thermometer

I’m a firm believer that writing how you feel really helps express and narrow down how you’re feeling. Not only does writing it out help, but categorizing it by choosing where you fall on a feelings scale can really help.

Our Feelings Thermometer worksheet is a great way to teach children that it’s okay to feel a certain way and sometimes talking about those feelings and situations can help future emotions from being expressed in a way that might not be preferred. 

Sometimes just knowing and recognizing how you’re feeling can calm someone down.

How does our Feelings Thermometer work?

Our Feelings Thermometer worksheet consists of 5 different colors. Bright green, dull green, yellow, orange and red. 

feelings thermometer worksheet emotions

Each color represents an emotional category:

  • Green = Happy
  • Dull green = Worried
  • Yellow = Frustrated
  • Orange = Angry
  • Red = Furious

There are different levels of emotion and, for example, angry can feel completely different than furious would feel.

Have your children fill out the worksheet. Have them write one thing or situation that makes them feel each of the 5 emotions listed.

To help your children or students, read the emotion statements on the left side of the worksheet to help them identify how they are feeling, or help them recall a time in the past when they experienced those emotions. 

Was your child upset when their sibling took a toy from them? Did it make them mad and irritated? Or did it make them so mad that they wanted to throw something? Help them identify the different ranges of emotions with our Feelings Thermometer worksheet.

Get your Feelings Thermometer worksheet at Mrs. Merry’s shop

Feelings Thermometer Worksheet

Need an emotional activity that is less structured? Try our Feelings Word Search

I love word searches. My kids love word searches. They are great kids activities that can say a lot by doing a little. Our Feelings Word Search is a great way to conclude a feelings or emotions lesson for the day. 

Did you spend the day talking about emotions and how to respond to each? Our Feelings Word Search is a great way to end that emotions lesson plan with a light activity.

Simply find the 10 different emotion words in our Emotions Word Search. The emotion words are only up and down (diagonal words are not listed). 

Have each child find the emotion words in the word search and then take a minute to discuss each emotion and what was learned that day about each.

printable feelings word search puzzleanswer key feelings word search puzzle

The Feelings Word Search includes the Answer Key for quick discovery of each emotions word.

Get your Feelings Word Search at Mrs. Merry’s Shop

Feelings Word Search

Cool down with our Calming Coloring Pages

I could not complete my Emotional Learning Bundle Package without including some Calming Coloring Pages. 

Sometimes we just need to sit in the corner and color! Coloring is healing and a wonderful calming activity for everyone, including adults! That’s why there are endless options of Adult Coloring Books available out there. A great adult coloring book is the Animal Adult Coloring Set. A great pick if you’re an animal lover!

Our Calming Coloring Pages come in 4 different options:

  1. Be Kind

be kind calming coloring pages mrs. merry

This is the biggest message I want to push right now. Really if you’re going to be anything at all, just be kind. You can’t go wrong with treating people the way you want to be treated.

2. Calm

calm coloring sheets calming corner

Stop and smell the roses! Life can be busy and sometimes it’s hard to just be calm. The pressure is real, especially these days, so it’s important to take a few minutes out of your day and just say “I am calm.”

3. Take a Deep Breath

take a deep breath coloring page

Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth! The best way to really relax yourself is by taking a few deep breaths. This will help relax your mind and body.

4. Peace

peace mindful coloring pages printables

Lastly, peace. Why not, right? We all want peace and love in the world. So let’s focus on the good and help change the bad. Color this peaceful coloring page to help bring some zen into your life.

Our 4 Calming Coloring Pages is a great activity for kids to color at home or in the classroom, or perhaps even taking them into a calming corner. Grab your crayons, markers or colored pencils and bring yourself back down.

Get your 4 Calming Coloring Pages at Mrs. Merry’s shop:

4 Calming Coloring Pages

Keep Calm with our How to Keep Calm Sign

For our last emotions printable, our How to Keep Calm Sign is a great resource to hang at home or in the classroom.

We’ve talked about emotions, feelings and how to see or speak to them. But what do you do about them? What do your children do when they’re feeling angry, sad, or frustrated?

Our How to Keep Calm Sign lists 10 different ways to help you stay calm, cool and collected.

10 steps how to keep calm sign

Hang this in your classroom to remind your students of a few ways they can help themselves handle an emotion or feeling! Can they think of anything more?

Laminate this sign to make it long-lasting. I have found that some students like to touch signs, especially when the sign is related to feelings or behavior. Laminating the sign can help keep the sign intact and last longer. It also makes it easy to wipe down and keep clean!

Use a dry erase marker and have your children or students circle the calming activity that helped them calm down.  

There are many different ways to use our How to Keep Calm poster. Guide your student on how to recognize and conquer their feelings!

Get your How to Keep Calm sign at Mrs. Merry’s shop

How to Keep Calm Sign

Do you like all of our Emotional Learning Printables? 

Are you planning an emotional learning or feelings lesson? Recognizing emotions and how to respond to them can be one of the most important learnings during childhood. Spend some time with your children learning the various emotions they can feel, and ways they can handle and express each emotion.

You can get all of our Emotional Learning Printables at Mrs. Merry’s shop as part of an all-inclusive bundle. Save and buy the bundle for $10.

Get all 10 Emotion Printables for just $10

Get the Emotional Learning Bundle Now

Whether you choose to buy our Emotional Learning printables or not you still get our Feelings Chart for FREE. 

Get your Feelings Chart for Kids:

Need some craft supplies?

Amazon has always been my go-to for most of my office and craft supplies. If you print a lot of printables and spend  time coloring, gluing and adding some extra jazz to them, our list of supplies can help!

I’ve split the list up into a basic list and a fancier list if you’re going to put a little more pizazz into your printables.

Other Mrs. Merry School Printables:

Download the Feelings Chart

Help your students easily describe what they're feeling with this free Feelings Chart. Pin it on a bulletin board or the wall and have your student or child mark how they're feeling that day. Grab it now!

Get the Feelings Chart

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