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10 Unique Halloween Teacher Gifts

10 unique halloween teacher gifts

I’m all about untraditional gifts for teachers. Not that a teacher won’t appreciate a #1 teacher mug, but she probably has dozens of them, and they are a bit of a yawn. Our teachers have been through a lot in the last couple years, so I’m all about showing appreciation any chance you get.

So, here is a list of 10 Halloween teacher gifts that are sure to please that hard working educator! Some of these have been personally tried and true by myself and other’s have been suggestions and ideas from other teachers! Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

1. Nightmare Before Christmas Mug

If you’re going to get them a mug….you can’t really go wrong with the Nightmare Before Christmas and there are some really cool and unique Nightmare Before Christmas mugs out there. Grab one and stuff them with candy or a Dunkin Donuts (or Starbucks) gift card for a nice (and a little different) Halloween Treat for your child’s teacher.

2. Owl Succulent Holder

Do you have multiple children? Buy a few succulents and these Owl Succulent Holders as a clever and thoughtful gift. The owl is a great fall animal that symbolizes wisdom, a perfect message to send to your teacher!

3. Wine or Champagne (and throw in a wine glass)

Teachers are human beings too and feel the ups and downs in life. Bring in a bottle of bubbly to wish them a Happy Halloween. Wine is always a winner! Add a wine glass for some extra laughs. If you don’t want to give wine, grab some coffee and a Skelleton Coffee Mug as an added gift.

4. Canvas Appreciation Pouch

These pouches are the perfect size to use for pretty much anything. Use it as a pencil case, a cosmetic pouch or even a toiletry bag. Features a sweet appreciate message on the pouch. These are great if you have multiple children – grab a pack of these and fill it with a few goodies!

5. Halloween Teacher T-Shirt

A teacher friend of mine mentioned that she received a really unique Halloween teacher gift one year, a fun Halloween teacher t-shirt. She said she brings it out every year now, and is part of her “fun school-wear” wardrobe. A useful gift that can be used year after year is a win in my book!

6. Spider Brooch Pin

Yes, people still wear brooch’s! Especially fun or silly teachers. This Spider Brooch is beautiful and can be used to pin on a shirt, hat, backpack, necktie or even a scarf. A great way to jazz up a teacher’s Halloween costume or decor.

7. Wooden Owl Gel Pen

First of all, this is an Owl pen. A great and wise Fall animal. Second, this pen is made of wood! So it feels wonderful and solid in your hand. Lastly, it’s a gel pen. And I don’t know about you, but I just love how smoothly gel pens write. A perfect idea for Halloween teacher gifts.

8. Infinity Scarf

Finding Halloween teacher gifts can be difficult –  give something practical! Chilly days are coming up, so give her something she can use! Infinity scarves are a great way to add warmth and style to an every day outfit. Some of them even come in fun prints that show your passion for science, music or math!

9. Working Hands Lotion

Ok, so you might think that this gift is odd. But no, not at all. Again, we want to fulfill a need for our teachers! Our hands naturally get dryer in the colder months. especially those who work with their hands. A teacher always has her hands out whether she/he are grading papers, pointing at the work board or demonstrating a skill or learning. Make sure her hands are well taken care of with this O’Keeffe’s Hand Lotion. I personally swear by this lotion, it’s non-greasy and brings the youth back into hands!

Want to make it a little more Halloween themed? Wrap it with some orange and black ribbon with a “Happy Halloween” gift tag.

10. BOO the Teacher!

Have you ever been Booed? It’s a new Halloween game people have been playing the last few years. The concept is, you make up a little “boo bag”. It could consist of Halloween candy, wine, cozy socks, a small gift card for coffee. And then drop it off at someone’s door (or a teacher’s desk). At that point the person who has been booed continues the Boo game and makes up a boo bag for someone else.

It’s a pay it forward type of game and it’s wicked fun too!

Check out our free “You’ve Been Booed” printable. Just print out and boo the teacher!

you've been booed sign free printable game

Show your teacher appreciation today with a sweet and unique Halloween gift. Happy Halloween!

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