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printable bear craft for kids

Bears are big and beautiful animals. I always love seeing them at zoos. Their massive presence always takes my breath away. They almost seem like mythical creatures because of their size and beauty. Maybe that’s why they are often a favorite among kids? Our bear craft for kids is a fun and easy way for kids to color and put together their very own bear.

Whether you want to make a big brown grizzly or a white polar bear, or even a purple one, our bear craft is perfect for kids!

Our bear craft for kids is a great classroom activity for kindergarteners and preschoolers. So, if you’re a teacher, just print some copies and each student can make a bear of their very own. Get really creative and color the bear pink, green, or even rainbow! Or make the bear extra fancy and throw some sequins on it too!

Need some craft supplies?

Amazon has always been my go-to for most of my office and craft supplies. If you print a lot of printables and spend  time coloring, gluing and adding some extra jazz to them, our list of supplies can help!

I’ve split the list up into a basic list and a fancier list if you’re going to put a little more pizazz into your printables.

Go ahead and laminate

I’m a big fan of laminating. Why? Laminating gives these activities a bit more permanence. Color and cut out the leaves and use them as fall decoration for your house. Pack them up at the end of the season and bring them out again next year!

I don’t use anything fancy or complex, just a simple and easy laminator. This is the laminator I use and recommend.

Below is what is included in your bear craft for kids download (see the bottom of the page for actual download instructions):

Do you need help putting this make a bear craft together? Below is what the finished bear could look like when finished.

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build a bear printable for kids free crafts

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