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The changing of the leaves is one of my favorite parts of the autumn season. The beautiful oranges, reds and browns set the stage for the cozy holidays to come. So, why not make some leaves of your very own?

Use these four fall leaves coloring pages and color the leaves any color you choose. I personally love to use colored pencils when coloring leaves. Usually leaves don’t change to one solid color, but instead blend into the color change. Because of this, I like to use a different colored pencil for the edges of the leaves. It gives them more of an earthy and realistic look.  But use colored pencils, crayons or markers, make these fall leaves coloring pages your very own.

The awesome part about these leaves is they can be used for a lot of things! Color them in, cut them out and past them onto another sheet of paper and make one big pile of leaves.

Or cut them out and hang or tape them around the house for some fall festive flair.

No matter what you decide to do with your fall leaves coloring pages, have fun with this free fall activity that keeps those little ones busy!

Go ahead and laminate

I’m a big fan of laminating. Why? Laminating gives these activities a bit more permanence. Color and cut out the leaves and use them as fall decoration for your house. Pack them up at the end of the season and bring them out again next year!

I don’t use anything fancy or complex, just a simple and easy laminator. This is the laminator I use and recommend.

Below is what is included in your Fall Leaves Coloring Pages download (see the bottom of the page for actual download instructions):

Need some craft supplies?

Amazon has always been my go-to for most of my office and craft supplies. If you print a lot of printables and spend  time coloring, gluing and adding some extra jazz to them, our list of supplies can help!

I’ve split the list up into a basic list and a fancier list if you’re going to put a little more pizazz into your printables.

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fall leaves coloring pages free mrs. merry printables

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Download the Fall Leaves Coloring Pages

Color these fall leaves with your favorite autumn colors. Cut the leaves out and hang them as fall decoration. Grab the fall coloring pages now.

Get the Leaves Coloring Pages

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