friendship worksheets for kindergarten lesson plans

Learn all about how to be a good friend with our friendship worksheets & coloring pages. Use these as a part of a friendship lesson plan, a perfect resource for kindergarten students.

With these friendship worksheets your students will learn the qualities of a good friend and the qualities of a not so good friend. Use this friendship bundle as part of a greater discussion on what it means to be a good friend.

What’s included in the Friendship Worksheets PDF

This friendship bundle was created for elementary school students. Grades kindergarten thru 2nd grade will get the most value out of these worksheets. Those younger years is when kids learn about friendship, appreciation and kindness.

The friendship bundle can be used as a friendship lesson plan or as stand-alone sheets that consist of fun friendship activities and guidance.

1. What makes a good friend worksheet

This friendship printable consists of 8 different “good friend” qualities and 8 “bad friend” qualities. Guide your students to color the shape for every quality they feel is something a good friend would do.

Walk thru with your students the difference between positive relationships and negative relationships. Example: How would you want to be treated?

The descriptions were written in a way so kids of that age group can understand on their level. These straight forward descriptions are examples of how kids explain good and bad characteristics or behaviors.

what makes a good friend page

2. How to be a good friend

After going over good friend and bad friend qualities this next friendship worksheet is designed to almost test the student on good friend qualities.

This friendship pdf asks the student to name three things you can do to be a good friend. This not only reiterates what it means to be a good friend but it helps the students think of scenarios where good friendships occurred.

how to be a good friend worksheet

3. Friendship Day Worksheet

This Friendship Day Worksheet is a good friend printable to bring out around Friendship Day (this year it’s  on July 30th), but this friendship sheet can be used during any time of year to learn about the value of friendships. You can always make Friendship Day, Friendship Week!

This friendship worksheet is all about the word “friend”. Trace the word friend, color it, spell it and write it on your own. This friend worksheet is a good one to practice writing, reading and drawing.

friendship day worksheet for kindergarten

4. Draw a picture of good friends

What does a good friend look like? Take a few mins and ask your students to draw a picture of what good friends or friendship means to them. This is a creative and fun way to visually express the importance of friendships. It’s always interesting to see all of the student responses!

draw a picture of friends worksheet

5. Besties Forever Friendship Coloring Page

This friendship coloring page is a fun one. Color the fun bubbly words and the high-fiving friends for a laid back friend activity.

besties forever coloring page

6. Best Friends Necklace Coloring Page

Best friend necklaces are a great way to show you care about your friends. Don’t have a necklace? Cut this friendship coloring page in half and give the other side of the heart to a good friend.

best friends friendship necklace coloring page

7. I Appreciate You Friend Coloring Page

Appreciation is key in a healthy friendship. Always let someone know you appreciate all that they do. Color this group of friends and talk about the importance of friendship and trust.

i appreciate you coloring page

8. Good Friend Certificate Printable

This good friend award is a great friend printable to keep in the classroom for students to pick up and fill out for a fellow peer that has shown great friendship qualities. Let your friend know how much you appreciate them with this good friend certificate.

good friend award certificate printable

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