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trace the numbers 1-20 with farm animals

Grab our tracing number worksheets and practice numbers 1-20. Number tracing helps kids recognize and write numbers and assist in perfecting their fine motor skills.

Ways to use the tracing numbers worksheets

Our tracing numbers worksheets are perfect to use at home (as a homeschooler) or in the classroom. Grab your pencil, marker, crayons or another writing tool and start practicing numbers. Color the farm animals for some added coloring sheet fun.

Use as kindergarten or preschool resources

These number tracing worksheets are perfect for both preschool and kindergarten students. A great way to begin practicing numbers and writing. Print out all 20 number tracing pages including the bonus farm animal coloring pages.

Practice number recognition

Not only are these tracing numbers worksheets great for learning how to write numbers 1-20, but they help with number recognition in general. These number worksheets are a great way for young learners to become familiar with numbers and learn to differentiate one from another.

Practice number formation and handwriting

Follow the dotted number line for each number and practice forming numbers 1-20. Practice on the first line by tracing the dotted lined numbers. On the next line, guide your children or students to try writing the numbers on their own.

Not only are students practicing number formations but they are perfecting their handwriting as well. Following the dotted lines help guide students the correct way to write numbers.

Begin early math and practice counting

Practice counting with the farm animals! Count the animals on each tracing numbers worksheets and learn how to count from 1-20. Trace numbers, practice number recognition and perfect counting from 1-20 with these free tracing number worksheets.

What’s included in the tracing numbers worksheets?

The number tracing worksheets feature numbers 1-20. They are also farm animal themed! Each page features a farm animal! Count the 20 different farm animals as you go through the tracing numbers printable.

Have fun learning your numbers and becoming familiar with all the different farm animals.

Each worksheet feature a section to trace the number and trace the word. On the bottom of each tracing worksheet, find the number in the “Find and color” section. There are various different ways to learn with these free number sheets!

Don’t forget to have fun coloring in the farm animals on each page!

1. Tracing number 1 with a dog

A sheep dog or any other herding dog is quite common living on a farm. They are hard working dogs that help protect and guide sheep and other livestock. Practice tracing the number 1 and coloring the dog.

trace the number 1 printable pdf

2. Tracing number 2 with rams

Practice tracing the number 2 and then color in the 2 rams!

tracing the number 2 pdf

3. Tracing number 3 with pigs

This tracing numbers worksheet reminds me of the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf! Color in the pigs and trace the number 3 by following the dotted lines, then practice writing the number 3 and word three.

trace the number 3 for kindergarten

4. Tracing the number 4 with owls

I love wise old owls! Each farm has a few (or 4!) lingering around the farm or in barns. Practice tracing the number 4 with these owl friends.

tracing the number 4 worksheet

5. Tracing number 5 with bulls

Trace the number five with our number tracing worksheet featuring 5 fierce bulls!

tracing the number 5 worksheet

6. Tracing number 6 with roosters

Practice writing the number six with our free tracing numbers worksheets. Color the 6 roosters for some coloring page fun.

tracing the number six

7. Tracing number 7 with cats

It’s always great to have a few cats around the farm. Practice tracing the number 7 with our free number worksheets.

trace and write the number 7

8. Tracing number 8 with geese

Practice tracing numbers with our number 8 tracing worksheet. Color in the geese for some added coloring sheet fun.

tracing the number 8 printable

9. Tracing number 9 with turkeys

Follow the dots and trace the number nine with our free printable tracing numbers worksheets. Gobble gobble with our 9 turkeys!

number 9 tracing

10. Tracing number 10 with goats

Color the 10 goats and practice tracing the number 10 and the word ten.

number 10 preschool worksheets

11. Tracing number 11 with donkeys

Donkeys are always of great use on a farm. Color the donkeys and trace the number 11 with this freebie.

free tracing number 11 worksheet

12. Tracing number 12 with sheep

Count to 12 using our sheep and then practice tracing the number and word.

tracing the number 12

13. Tracing number 13 with mice

Practice the tracing the number 13 and count 13 farm mice!

trace the number 13

14. Tracing the number 14 with cows

Fourteen cows can produce a lot of milk! Count all fourteen cows and practice tracing numbers.

printable number tracing 14

15. Tracing the number 15 with chicks

Trace the number 15 and practice this double digit number by tracing along the dotted lines. Color in the chicks for some added farm themed fun!

tracing the number 15

16. Tracing the number 16 with lambs

Lambs are the cutest! Count 16 lambs and practice tracing the number 16 with this free math worksheets.

trace the number 16 worksheet

17. Tracing the number 17 with llamas

Llamas are fascinating and fun animals! Count 17 llamas while you practice the number seventeen.

trace the number 17 worksheet

18. Tracing the number 18 with horses

Out of all of the farm animals, horses may be my favorite. Fast, hard working and elegant animals. Count and color all 18 horses. Practice tracing numbers with this number 18 worksheet

trace the number 18 worksheet

19. Tracing the number 19 with ducks

Count 19 ducks, color and trace the number nineteen along the dotted lines. Fun and free tracing number worksheets!

20. Tracing the number 20 with rabbits

Lastly, trace the number 20 with these free math worksheets. Color and count 20 rabbits and perfect numbers 1-20.

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These free printables are perfect for young learners. Practice math, writing and number recognition with these free worksheets. Perfect math worksheets for preschoolers and kindergartners.

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tracing numbers worksheets 1-20

Added bonus! Get 21 Farm Animal Coloring Pages

This 1-20 tracing numbers printable also includes 21 farm animal coloring pages. The coloring pages include all 20 farm animals including in the tracing numbers printable, plus a barn to color.

The farm animal coloring pages include the below farm animals:

  1. Dog
  2. Ram
  3. Pig
  4. Owl
  5. Bull
  6. Rooster
  7. Cat
  8. Goose
  9. Turkey
  10. Goat
  11. Donkey
  12. Sheep
  13. Mouse
  14. Cow
  15. Chicken
  16. Lamb
  17. Llama
  18. Horse
  19. Duck
  20. Rabbit

21 farm animal coloring pages printable

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Want more free animal printables? We got ’em!

We love animals and have so much fun building animal printables and activities for young learners! Build a bat, cheetah, bear, owl, fox, caterpillar and more.

build activities for kids free printables

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Download the Numbers Worksheets

Learn how to write numbers 1-20 with our Tracing Numbers Worksheets. Plus, color the farm animals as an extra fun activity. Get the free worksheets now.

Get the Numbers Worksheets

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