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free i love you to pieces craft

This I Love You To Pieces printable is the perfect craft for preschoolers, kindergarten students and even those older first graders! It’s a favorite for kids of all ages and can be used for various different occasions!

This free printable template is easy and full of fun and love!

Uses for the I Love You to Pieces printable

Whether it’s for Valentine’s day, Mother’s day or simply to tell someone you love them, this printable does a great job of showing someone that they are admired and cared for.

i love you to pieces printable

Use it as a Valentines Card Craft

Use any of these 3 I Love You pages as a fun activity to do in the classroom for Valentine’s Day. Have your kiddos make an I love you card for one (or both) of their parents, siblings or other loved ones. This I Love You to Pieces Valentine’s day craft will be a favorite amongst all!

Make one for a Mother’s Day or Grandparent’s day gift

These I Love You to Pieces crafts are versatile! Not only are they great for a V-day craft, but they are great little gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even Grandparents’ day.  A perfect keepsake for parents as a way to look back on those precious younger years.

Use it as a World Kindness Day Craft

Did you know World Kindness Day is November 13th? Use this I Love You to Pieces craft for a kindness activity. It’s important to show the ones that we love, that we care! Make them a personalized card on this special kindness day.

Another great kindness craft is the Kindness Rocks printable. Color and cut out these kindness rocks and give them to a family member, friend or loved one as a random act of kindness.

kindness rocks project coloring pages

What’s included in the I Love You to Pieces printable

There are 3 different I Love You to Pieces activities! Let’s check them out and see how they’re done.

1. I Love You to Pieces Box of Chocolates

This one serves as a fun box of chocolates coloring page. Want to give a loved one box of chocolates? Color this fun box of candy and give your special someone a personalized box of chocolates!

i love you to pieces candy printable

2. I Love You to Pieces – Share What You Love

This I Love You to Pieces printable allows your student or child to share what they love about their special someone. 4 boxes are given on the bottom of the page to be cut out.

cut i love you to pieces activity

Write 4 things you love about your someone on each box. Paste on the heart and give it as a Valentine card or a Mother’s day gift! Grab some crayons and color the heart and sweet messages for some added fun!

i love you valentines card

3. I Love You to Pieces Cut & Paste Craft

This I Love You to Pieces pdf includes a basic heart and the student fills the heart with little pieces of construction paper, tissue paper or scraps of paper. Or get creative and fill the heart with pom poms, beads or sequins.

cut out pieces for valentine activity

I personally used little bits of colored paper I had laying around. It’s also a great (and educational) idea to cut the paper in squares, rectangles, triangles, circles and ovals as a fun way to practice shapes. Get those little hands busy and practice those scissor skills with this lovey craft! A great fine motor activity!

Grab your glue stick, or regular white glue and glue the pieces of colored paper on the heart.

cut and paste i love you to pieces paper

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printable i love you to pieces

Want more personalized kid crafts and activities?

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Download the I Love You to Pieces Valentine's Day Craft

Are you ready to download this Valentine's day printable? Show someone you care - just download, print and create for your special someone.

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