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Fall is upon us and there is nothing more I like to do in the fall than go outside! If you get to experience the 4 seasons, there is nothing like the cool pleasant fall breeze, the perfect temperatures, the smell of leaves turning and pumpkin in the air. Use our Fall Scavenger Hunt Printable as a reason to get outside, enjoy the wonderful weather and exercise your body and mind.

See if you can find every item on this Fall Scavenger Hunt. Take this printable with you on a walk around the block and remember to check out neighbors’ porches for any pumpkins or Halloween decor. It’s also fun to bring this Fall Scavenger Hunt to a pumpkin patch or local farm!

Search for more Fall items with our I Spy Fall Favorites game. Search for corn, pumpkins and cozy hoodies.

free printable i spy fall favorites for kids

For an added challenge, bring a paper bag to collect the items that will fit inside (obviously not your neighbors’ decorations, squirrels or birds). If you’re feeling competitive, you can also make it a competition with your siblings, friends or classmates. Or, simply, go outside and have a fun day finding all of these fall items.

Teach your children to stop and smell the roses, or should I say Fall items? Have them stop and observe the items they are picking up. Ask them to describe the objects and explain why they chose those specific items (of all the leaves, acorns, and so on, why did they choose those particular ones?). Observe each item with your child to help them learn to see the beauty in detail.

Below is what will be included in your puzzle download (see the bottom of the page for actual download instructions):

Laminate your Fall Scavenger Hunt

I love to laminate all of our scavenger hunt printables. We keep multiple copies of them in our coat closet at home, so our children can do them together. Whenever we go out for a walk, they choose an outdoor scavenger hunt and a dry erase marker. Laminating them or putting them in a page protector allows you to use the hunts again and again.

Things you’ll need to laminate:

  • A laminator (I have this one and it’s wonderful. It takes a few minutes to warm up but then it takes 30 seconds to laminate a piece of paper!)

If you don’t want to laminate but you still want some protection, grab a page protector. Just slide it in and be on your way to a fun nature activity!

free fall scavenger hunt printable

More Fall Activities:

Check out our other Fall printables. Celebrate this beautiful season with I Spy games, animal activities and leaves coloring pages.

Make a fall animal or two with our Build a Squirrel and Build an Owl templates.

Make an Owl

build an owl with a free owl template

Make a Squirrel
squirrel template preschool craft

One of our most popular fall printables is our classic Make a Scarecrow activity. Color, cut and create your own scarecrow this fall season.

free kindergarten scarecrow craft for kids

More Scavenger Hunt Printables

We have a scavenger hunt for everyone! Our Nature Scavenger Hunt is our most popular outdoor hunt. With over 10K shares.

free scavenger hunt ideas for kids printable

Our Creature Scavenger Hunt is for kiddos that love animal and insect life. This animal scavenger hunt is perfect to take to the park to go on a wildlife adventure.

free kids printable outdoor scavenger hunt

You can still get outside without going anywhere with our Backyard Scavenger Hunt. Find these backyard items and say hello to the outdoors!

free outside scavenger hunt printable

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Download the Fall Scavenger Hunt PDF

Enjoy the fall weather and get outdoors to find these fall items! Grab the scavenger hunt now and enjoy this beautiful time of year.

Get the Fall Scavenger Hunt

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